Monday, March 21, 2011

on being a bridesmaid.

this past weekend i got to attend my friend's wedding with the honor of a being a bridesmaid. on a perfect florida day, 83 with no humidity, i watched her marry her soulmate. aren't they cute?
i had a blast with the other girls, and we did a very nice job of tearing up the dance floor. in fact, we were some of the only ones tearing up the dace floor!
while i'm sure being a bride is incredibly special, i loved being a part of the festivities to prepare her for the big day, and standing up there to support her.
i know getting married can be a scary thing, but it's only when we fully experience everything life has to offer, and set aside our fears, that we feel truly alive.i was so happy for the couple, and doesn't she look beautiful?
i love love.

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