Monday, March 7, 2011

on dinner.

i look forward to dinner all day. all. day. and it's usually because of these puppies.
my artichoke raviolis.

ravioli is an awesome dinner for a single, busy girl like me. easy to make, takes less than five minutes, and, most important, tasty and affordable! shoot, this would be a good dinner for a family. sauté a little garlic in oil, sprinkle on a little cheese, pour on the garlic-spiked oil and voile - dinner!

and, to my delight, i recently tried butternut squash ravioli, which i put in sage brown butter sauce, and it lives up to the same standards as those mentioned above. doesn't it look delightful, too?
not all raviolis are as good as these two, so take my word for it. naturally, these can be found at trader joe's, the best grocery store in the world.

ravioli, kids. it's what's for dinner.

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