Wednesday, March 23, 2011

on etsy.

i told you there would be a lot of these!!!

while my apartment in nyc is tiny, it is mine, and as time passed i looked for ways to decorate it in order to make it feel like home. since i rent and don't own, there isn't too much i can do, but in times of need i always turn to etsy for inspiration. and thus, my beautiful wall scone!
it hangs above my couch, right in between two drawings of various nyc landmarks that my parents gave to me on my first christmas in this wonderful city. (note: when someone moves to an exciting new place, a gift commemorating that new place is always welcome). and so you have: my living room.
it's not much, but it's mine. where do you look for design inspiration?

p.s. wall scone purchased here.

p.p.s. i saw ramona from the real housewives of nyc in my office building today. one of the perks of working in rockefeller center. however, as i am trying to be a "true new yorker", i played it cool and walked by. it's what we new yorkers do.

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