Wednesday, March 9, 2011

on a favorite gift.

this is the first of my posts on a favorite gift of mine, and why.

after a month of dating, my boyfriend and i went to a dave matthews concert together. it was incredibly fun, sweet, and romantic. when an opportunity came to go another one in the new mets stadium in nyc, with the amazing zac brown band as an opener, we jumped on it.
when we walked in i noticed a unique concert poster being sold - it recalled nyc with the skyline referenced on the bottom of the poster - and the baseball stadium by showcasing the name of the band on a baseball. but what made it truly awesome was that the baseball was within the famous Mets' apple - the apple that appears in center field out of nowhere when the mets hit a home run - and the apple was broken up into tiny puzzle pieces that said "muffler" and "auto glass". as a girl raised with a father who was a faithful mets fan, i knew it referenced the fact that the old mets stadium, shea stadium, was surround by auto chop shops.

to say the least: it. was. awesome. it referenced things only a new yorker would get. only a mets fan would appreciate. it was the ultimate sign of coolness for a non-hipster like me.

and 30 minutes after we walked in and got settled, it was already sold out. apparently it was "limited edition". i was heart broken. i had fallen for it. hard. i was ready to show it off to my dad who would be thrilled his non-mets fan daughter still "got it". i scrounged around e-bay for it, coming up with many sales topping $200, when it was originally $35 in the stadium.

and then... my boyfriend gave it to me for my birthday. all he said was that he found it for a very reasonable price, also on e-bay.
it showed that he listened. that he cared. that he took the time to find it. that he went the extra mile for me.

and that's what a gift is all about.

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  1. I stumbled upon this post at the bottom of today's shoe story. What a sweet gift! Brian sounds so thoughtful. You are one lucky girl :)


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