Wednesday, March 2, 2011

on galoshes.

yes, galoshes. not rainboots. obvi.

on my first day of work in nyc it rained and i thought - i really need a pair of galoshes! naturally, a year and a half later, i finally bought a pair. (there's just so much more to buy, ya know? like stilettos). i love them very much, and buying them before the huge christmas snowstorm was key, freeing up my snow boots for my sister to borrow, who was visiting.

aren't they precious?

they come from the magical store of target, and were everything i was looking for. the plaid gives them personality while stopping rain or snow from coming in the boot, and they were affordable to boot! (or, to galosh, get it?!) i could never wrap my mind around buying a $100 pair of galoshes, a la the Hunter brand, as most new york city girls seem to do these days.

this was a long post on my love for my galoshes. kind of sad.

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