Friday, April 29, 2011

on hats.

so, if you haven't heard, today prince william marries kate middleton. the wedding of the century they say, even if we do have 89 more years to go. while i'm not obsessed with the event, mostly owing to the fact that I don't get tv service, i'm still a bit excited. i mean - it's basically a wedding on crack. instead of waking up with a new set of pot and pans, you wake up as a princess with tons of amazing jewelry at your disposal. and that's just the tip of the iceberg. so to a certain extent, i understand the fascination. but what i'm actually looking forward to is what everyone will wear. from kate to posh, i can't wait to see. and a lot of what i will be looking at are the hats. the brits wear wonderful, awesome hats to weddings, and i'm starting to get a bit jealous. while i do wear hats to the few horse-centric events i attend or celebrate - the derby (definitely go at least once!) and the saratoga race track - i want more! below is a picture of myself at the racetrack last summer with my friend and her darling cloche.
keeping it classy with the hat, keeping it real with the miller lite
it's just an accessory we don't wear enough of here in the states. after recently discovering this store  (and this one!) on etsy, filled with amazing hats, i'm jonesing for another hat - an intricate, all-out hat to take me through track season. and perhaps if i'm real brave, a bridal shower or two. and for the record, my current hat was only $10 from walmart. yes, you heard me. wal.mart. if you feel like trying out a hat, start small (trust me, you won't be dissappointed). so while i'm excited to see a few pictures from the wedding, i'm mostly going to be focusing on the wonderful hats!
derby day, one of my favorite days of the year

Thursday, April 28, 2011

on a current crush.

it's not the easiest to get dressed for work each day. while i work in a fairly buttoned up industry, i like my outfits to be a little more feminine sometimes. wearing suits and button-downs are fine, but eventually you get tired of looking like your male colleagues. one of my recent new fashion crushes is silk shirts. they pair wonderfully with skirts, and once you leave the office you can just throw on a pair of jeans and fun heels to wind up with a whole new look. plus they drape nicely, create a great canvas on which to accessorize and aren't too risque. below is the spring version of this look.
shirt: etsy, skirt: anthropologie, necklace: j. crew, flats: steve madden 
i find some great silk shirts at j. crew, or wait for them to go on sale at department stores. etsy is also a wonderful resource - just search for the color you want and you'll find a million different choices. i found the one above here, and a few more, before making my final decision. any recent items you've been longing for with the warmer weather (finally) here? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on shoes.

iv'e had a long day and i need to go study. so i only have this to share with any fellow shoe-lovers out there.
i die. love it.

on a new way to see things.

so this past friday i had off from work, but the boy was not so lucky. therefore, friday found me playing the stay at home wife, (just for a day!), anxiously waiting his return. and what a surprise i got when i opened the door to find him with two roses!
(it was quite funny - everyone driving past his house was smitten with this little transaction, along with myself). but, seeing as how he's a boy, he didn't have any vases (naturally). so, with some quick thinking, this jumbo "prego" jar became a vase (you know, the sauce). and i have to say, we both really liked the way it looked! plus, the "prego" written on the top of the jar was a nice touch (look closely, it's there), considering it's colloquial use as "thank you" and "you're welcome" in italian (i took a few semesters in college - finally comes in handy!). isn't that the whole reason we get people flowers (kinda, sorta)? it just goes to show that anything can add a touch beauty when looked at in the right light. any fun things you do to bring a little beauty into your world?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

on funfetti cake.

so correct me if i'm wrong...wait, actually, no - scratch that. agree with me because i'm right.

funfetti cake is ONLY funfetti cake when topped with the majestic and addictive rainbow chip frosting. just like when we were kids. not this boring old white frosting with sprinkles. pillsbury brought that out of nowhere to try and corner / trick the funfetti market. but we know better, right dear readers? right.

on color.

yesterday was a horrible, no good, very bad day. and one that won't be resolved soon. but it's something only i can fix, so i'm sure once i set my mind to it, i can do just that. but it was still tough. and it still sucked. and if i can't fix it...well...let's not worry about that. so in lieu of flowers, i used a pop of color to set my mood back on the right track.
shoes: sam edelman
love the bright purple of these shoes, and how much bright colors are in trend for fashion this spring. (check out zara for some inspiration. i, for one, am in love with pretty much everything). what else do you use to try and cheer yourself up?

Monday, April 25, 2011

on dinner.

easter dinner, to be exact. i went to visit the boy this weekend and we decided to have a nice, traditional lamb dinner for easter on saturday night. i love lamb because it's so easy to make, hard to mess up, and is always tasty. the only drawback is that it can be expensive, hence why we have it on holidays. we used this awesome recipe from ina garten, a.k.a. the barefoot contessa, and loved it. i should note that we did use olive oil, and not butter. you know, a fun way to pretend it's healthier.
even though my old-school meat thermometer lied to us repeatedly, resulting in lamb that was more well-done than we would have liked, it was still awesome. oh, and those vegetables were made by the one and only - wouldn't worry about it.
seriously, his kitchen is like buckingham palace compared to my tiny nyc one. sigh...someday. paired with a bottle of wine from my fancy wine store around the corner that i only use for nice occasions, it was pretty much perfect.
and yes that's a funfetti cake in the background, or as we prefer to call it, jesus' re-birthday cake.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

on easter.

in the past couple of years, my easter holidays have been all about new beginnings for me. for instance, two years ago was the first time my boyfriend asked me out to dinner. naturally, he waited until 11'o'clock that night to ask me out for the following evening, but no complaints here. a date is a date. (and oh what a date it was!) i remember being so excited about all the possibilities that date meant and where it could take me.
(and yes, he's the awkward one standing off to the side, not quite sure what to do with himself).

last year, was an entirely different easter. i was working a job where weekends were non-existent, no matter what. i came into work on saturday, and left at 6 AM on easter sunday morning, only to return at 9 AM the same morning. there was no church, no family, no reflection, nothing. and so, when i eventually left work at 11 PM last easter, i made up my mind that it was time to start anew. new job, new life. while i was scared, i was beyond ready for a new beginning. so while this easter was quiet and filled with no significant events, i remember the past two easters i've had and all the new starts they brought me. i try to remember that new roads and paths can lead you to the most wonderful places, no matter how unsure they seem, and that while easter is a perfect day for a clean slate, any day is perfect for deciding to beginning again.

Friday, April 22, 2011

on the perfect morning.

i often think that the best mornings happen in the spring and fall. the air is cool, crisp and fresh. there's a slight chill in the air, but you can't stop your self from taking deep breaths to take it all in. the sun is shining and the day is yours - only one thing to do. get the perfect breakfast.
i'm visiting the boy this weekend and the first thing i did this morning was get this egg and bacon sandwhich. it is the best,, egg and bacon sandwhich i've ever had. if you're ever in upstate new york, check out the spring street deli. they only have one thing for breakfast. and they only need one when it's done this well.

i also found this little ditty on the community bulletin board hanging in the deli.
pretty sure this was made for zach galifinakis.
hope you're having a wonderful spring morning, too!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

on going back to black.

as the weather turns to spring - glorious, wonderful spring - i'm reminded of my senior year of college, when i first took a listen to amy winehouse's "back to black". it was love at first note, and there were days on end where i kept the album on repeat. i'm an old soul when it comes to music

(example: my first album that i bought with my own money in fourth grade was nat king cole's "just one of those things", quite a surprise to my parents, i'm sure)

so when there was a resurgence in the jazzy, bluesy singers, i swooned. and while i still love some of those that followed, amy was my first love. when i fell, i fell hard. most of her album is still in my itunes "top 25" playlist, and her sister album, "back to black: the b sides", is a revelation for a true fan. so it is heart-wrenching to watch her destroy her life, attempt to pick it back up again, only to destroy it once more. if not only for the human aspect of it, it's also for my own selfish reasons: i want another album. i want to fall in love all over again. i want to hear her sing about the past few years in her iconic voice.
image from: here.
do you have a musician you feel that way about - one last song you'd like to hear them sing?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

on another point of view.

how about we take a look at the boy's pictures from our date? yes, how about we do that. to start, the wine.
oh we love our wine. and lucky for us, the sommelier, jeff, not only helped us pick this one, but told us about his blog. naturally, it is filled with awesome wine and food suggestions. next up, his delicious dessert...
followed by his lovely, camera-blinding date.
80 SPF kids. works like a charm.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

on brunch.

oh brunch. we just love brunch in nyc. we can't.get.enough. from AYCD (all you can drink, natch), to soirees at the waldrof, we just love it to death. so what did we do after our big nyc date on saturday?
we went out to brunch of course.

and so it was that we found ourselves trekking over to brooklyn on that sunny but blustery sunday in order to eat at the general greene, our favorite brunch place. the food and service are not always consistent, but the bacon and grits are always spot on. and if you're not going to brunch for the bacon and the grits, then what exactly are you doing? the boy went with one of their famous skillets, the mexican inspiried one, of course. mexican brunch is pretty much his thing.
and while my plate seemed daunting...
sweater: j. crew, necklace: etsy
i finished it handily. (in fact, come to think of it, perhaps it was just the gin in my morning lemonade that made me pucker. a morning lemonade with gin is normal, no?) and since that wasn't enough for the two of us, we decided to order apple pie. a la mode, of course.
because, again, if you're not having dessert with brunch, then what exactly are you doing? am i right?

Monday, April 18, 2011

on big dates.

there are dates, and then there are big dates. saturday was a big date for us - our 2nd anniversary. we celebrated by going to del posto, and were so happy we did. we were blown away by this restaurant - the food, service, ambience. it was truly magical. naturally we had beef, as we usually do at our celebrations.
and they were cute enough to celebrate with us.
my sweet tooth was all about the dessert box that came at the end of the meal, too.
such an amazing night with such an amazing guy. hope you all had a weekend as wonderful as mine.
dress: aqua

Sunday, April 17, 2011

on dinner.

i love a good home-cooked meal on a sunday. and seeing as how my mom lives hundreds of miles away, the duty usually falls to me if i want one. i made this tonight, and wow, was it good.
i didn't have fettucine, or wine to deglaze the pan and i just happened to run out of garlic, but no matter. it still was fantastic.
any sunday dinner recipes you want to share?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

on celebrations.

remember how i told you they involve champagne? well they also involve red nails.
can't wait to tell you all about my big date tonight!
(and sometimes they also involve drinking out of limes.)
dress: h&m, sweet drink that's in a lime: the hurricane club.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

on celebrity sightings.

who am i kidding, this was too good a story not to share in it's entirety. (my ramona story). first, let's set the scene: what i wore.
sweater: nordstrom, necklace: j. crew, skirt (on sale): anthropologie, galoshes: target
So, I work where NBC is headquartered. This, of course, means that Bravo TV is also headquartered there since they are a part of NBC. And so I thought to myself, “Self! This is really exciting!! You could see a REAL celebrity!! You know, not someone like Tina Fey, or Alec Baldwin, or Jimmy Fallon, but a real celebrity, like a real housewife.”

And guess what?! THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!

As I was coming back from lunch and headed for my turnstile I saw a woman standing in front of the turnstile texting on her blackberry. “Oh Self”, I said. “How annoying for someone to stand right in front of the turnstile.” However, since there are two turnstiles I didn’t hold it against her too much. So the conversation (with myself) continued. “Well Self, she does have a cute coat on, and a sweet green emerald ring AND OH MY GOD IT’S RAMONA SINGER!!!”

Shockingly, no, she did not have a glass of pinot grigio in her hand. Miracles happen everyday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

on flowers.

they are the perfect trick to brighten up a dreary day like this one, no?
and to all the fellas out there, please: give. more. flowers. they are an easy, and suprising way to say: "i was thinking of you." and they're only $4.99 at trader joe's! or your local bodega! trust me, it will win you many brownie points. i'm looking forward to the sun tomorrow, but these helped today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

on rainy days.

i know, i know, april showers bring may flowers. it still doesn't make them any less dreary. and when it's raining did you know it's impossible to work out?! seriously. impossible. i was shocked to find this out too, but it's a well-known truth. it almost makes me want this back, as snow is so much more delightful.
although seeing how long this winter was, i won't jinx myself by wishing too hard to have that back. hope you're staying warm and dry!

Monday, April 11, 2011

on good friends.

this past weekend was one filled with my besties. while tiring, i ended the weekend filled with so much happiness. seeing your best girlfriends does that to someone, ya know? and i got to see TWO of them! exhibit one: katey.
we met on the first day of kindergarten. she was my first best friend, and taught me what it was to be a good best friend. so thanks katey! i'm her maid of honor this upcoming fall and could not be more excited. (i also introduced her to her husband, but that's a story for another day). we spent saturday going around new haven, eating and shopping, and that night we hung out with her friends and drank far too much wine. oh well. it happens.

when i came back to nyc i made quick like a bunny over to hoboken (no jokin'!) to see my other bestie. exhibit two: amy.
amy and i met in grad school and wow, do we know how to have a good time together. we share a lot of traits, even though she's better than me at all of them. oh well. it happens. but i love, love, love amy and we shared a nice long meal and then closed down the starbuck's as we sat catching up. it was the perfect start to my week. how about you, any good weekend stories?!

Friday, April 8, 2011

on the subway.

it provides me much entertainment. and giggles. and uncomfortable situations. but i try to focus on the giggles. like yesterday, as i'm swiping my card, i hear a guy with a thick new jersey accent comment on his lunch.

"dude, i had a salad day. it was awful. and i was so hungry. how do girls do that everyday?"

i know, right?!?! thank you for appreciating the hardship we go through. and then of course, as i have done on multiple occasions, my mind will wander, i'll be thinking about all sorts of delights, and i'll slam into the turnstile at full force. because i never took out my metro card and swiped. not doing much to dispel the "dumb blonde" theory. but it does make me giggle.

have a wonderful weekend peeps!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

on hump days.

i mean wednesdays. anyhoo, wednesday (hump day) is pizza day. i have discovered a new pizza joint near my place of work and wednesday is the day i go and have a slice. (or two). it's just a little something to look forward to, another little reminder that the weekend is coming.

oh, this helps, too.
chandler the cat.

my college roomie and i got a cat together, and when college ended we had to divide the assets just like any other couple going through a divorce (of sorts). she got the cat. i got the couch. i'd say she won no? miss that little furball. what do you do to celebrate hump day?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

on date night.

like many couples, saturday night is our date night. while i wish we had a few more during the week, the boy and i don't live near each other, so all we have are the weekends. this saturday i got to cash in on a bet we made about march madness - whoever had the better bracket got dinner at their place of choice - and luckily, i won! behold, the meatball shop. where they even have root beer on tap! (although adult beverages are also served, as seen below, how often do you get a chance to try root beer on tap?!).
we had delicious meatballs, mine with a side of rigatoni.
and let's not forget the amazing ice cream sandwich for desert.
all in all a pretty perfect date. what are some of your favorite date spots?

Monday, April 4, 2011

on the brooklyn flea.

it's back! never left. but it's back outside! we hit up the willamsburg location on sunday. the new location is great, albeit very windy since it's on the waterfront. perhaps in july and august i'll appreciate it, but for now i'll stick to the fort greene one. naturally, we went there for the food.
have i not told you about my love for hot dogs? they're my favorite food, making me one classy lady. these particular ones were asian-inspired. we also had some pizza. look at the joy on that face!
coat: forever21, sunglasses: target
and the hunger on that one!
thanks pizza man, we sure do owe you one for the perfect coal-oven pizza.
get to the brooklyn flea and eat your heart out - you won't regret it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

on brooklyn.

this weekend was another brooklyn centric weekend. first stop, the brooklyn brewery.
this adventure was quickly followed by my favorite rooftop bar in all the five boroughs, berry park. unlike manhattan rooftop bars, not every drink is $15. and can you really beat that view?
we were thrilled that it was just warm enough to chill on the roof top, enjoy some beers, and the most amazing fries in the world. (seriously, stop at berry park and get these fries. out. of. this. world). we were silly happy.
i think about moving to brooklyn alot. i love manhattan, and it makes my commute easier, but brooklyn is a little more affordable and has such a wonderful community with so much goin' on. but then again...i love my gym and my trader joe's near by, along with my local bagel shop. so back and forth we go. who knows, maybe in a couple of years.
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