Sunday, April 3, 2011

on brooklyn.

this weekend was another brooklyn centric weekend. first stop, the brooklyn brewery.
this adventure was quickly followed by my favorite rooftop bar in all the five boroughs, berry park. unlike manhattan rooftop bars, not every drink is $15. and can you really beat that view?
we were thrilled that it was just warm enough to chill on the roof top, enjoy some beers, and the most amazing fries in the world. (seriously, stop at berry park and get these fries. out. of. this. world). we were silly happy.
i think about moving to brooklyn alot. i love manhattan, and it makes my commute easier, but brooklyn is a little more affordable and has such a wonderful community with so much goin' on. but then again...i love my gym and my trader joe's near by, along with my local bagel shop. so back and forth we go. who knows, maybe in a couple of years.

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