Tuesday, April 19, 2011

on brunch.

oh brunch. we just love brunch in nyc. we can't.get.enough. from AYCD (all you can drink, natch), to soirees at the waldrof, we just love it to death. so what did we do after our big nyc date on saturday?
we went out to brunch of course.

and so it was that we found ourselves trekking over to brooklyn on that sunny but blustery sunday in order to eat at the general greene, our favorite brunch place. the food and service are not always consistent, but the bacon and grits are always spot on. and if you're not going to brunch for the bacon and the grits, then what exactly are you doing? the boy went with one of their famous skillets, the mexican inspiried one, of course. mexican brunch is pretty much his thing.
and while my plate seemed daunting...
sweater: j. crew, necklace: etsy
i finished it handily. (in fact, come to think of it, perhaps it was just the gin in my morning lemonade that made me pucker. a morning lemonade with gin is normal, no?) and since that wasn't enough for the two of us, we decided to order apple pie. a la mode, of course.
because, again, if you're not having dessert with brunch, then what exactly are you doing? am i right?


  1. Your bow necklace is freaking adorable! Also, brunch is the best, and I hate how often I work on the weekends and don't get to enjoy it. Although we're cooking a big Easter brunch with our friends this Sunday, so that should tide me over for a while!

  2. i used to work tons on the weekend too, so i feel your pain. and yes, you will see a lot of that necklace, i wear it to death! excited about your big easter brunch - be sure to post pics. you look like an amazing cook!


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