Thursday, April 28, 2011

on a current crush.

it's not the easiest to get dressed for work each day. while i work in a fairly buttoned up industry, i like my outfits to be a little more feminine sometimes. wearing suits and button-downs are fine, but eventually you get tired of looking like your male colleagues. one of my recent new fashion crushes is silk shirts. they pair wonderfully with skirts, and once you leave the office you can just throw on a pair of jeans and fun heels to wind up with a whole new look. plus they drape nicely, create a great canvas on which to accessorize and aren't too risque. below is the spring version of this look.
shirt: etsy, skirt: anthropologie, necklace: j. crew, flats: steve madden 
i find some great silk shirts at j. crew, or wait for them to go on sale at department stores. etsy is also a wonderful resource - just search for the color you want and you'll find a million different choices. i found the one above here, and a few more, before making my final decision. any recent items you've been longing for with the warmer weather (finally) here? 

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  1. Colleen-- just clicked on this post from the "you might also like..." because it caught my eye.

    Absolutely LOVE this whole outfit!!!!! It looks so good on you. Aaaaand now I want to go shopping.


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