Sunday, April 24, 2011

on easter.

in the past couple of years, my easter holidays have been all about new beginnings for me. for instance, two years ago was the first time my boyfriend asked me out to dinner. naturally, he waited until 11'o'clock that night to ask me out for the following evening, but no complaints here. a date is a date. (and oh what a date it was!) i remember being so excited about all the possibilities that date meant and where it could take me.
(and yes, he's the awkward one standing off to the side, not quite sure what to do with himself).

last year, was an entirely different easter. i was working a job where weekends were non-existent, no matter what. i came into work on saturday, and left at 6 AM on easter sunday morning, only to return at 9 AM the same morning. there was no church, no family, no reflection, nothing. and so, when i eventually left work at 11 PM last easter, i made up my mind that it was time to start anew. new job, new life. while i was scared, i was beyond ready for a new beginning. so while this easter was quiet and filled with no significant events, i remember the past two easters i've had and all the new starts they brought me. i try to remember that new roads and paths can lead you to the most wonderful places, no matter how unsure they seem, and that while easter is a perfect day for a clean slate, any day is perfect for deciding to beginning again.

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