Wednesday, April 13, 2011

on flowers.

they are the perfect trick to brighten up a dreary day like this one, no?
and to all the fellas out there, please: give. more. flowers. they are an easy, and suprising way to say: "i was thinking of you." and they're only $4.99 at trader joe's! or your local bodega! trust me, it will win you many brownie points. i'm looking forward to the sun tomorrow, but these helped today.


  1. so true. its amazing how flowers can brighten up my day. i love your vase by the way.

  2. thanks so much - i got it in a small town on a trip to mexico because i loved the colors. i peeked at your blog and got so jealous - i lived in nashville for a couple of years and i'm dying to go back! it's the best place in the world - loved reading your posts and remembering some of my favorite places to go / things to do.


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