Tuesday, April 26, 2011

on funfetti cake.

so correct me if i'm wrong...wait, actually, no - scratch that. agree with me because i'm right.

funfetti cake is ONLY funfetti cake when topped with the majestic and addictive rainbow chip frosting. just like when we were kids. not this boring old white frosting with sprinkles. pillsbury brought that out of nowhere to try and corner / trick the funfetti market. but we know better, right dear readers? right.


  1. hey dude! so, i followed over to your blog because i absolutely loved the comment you left on my recent post, and now that i've found another crazy person in love with this kind of sugar heaven/crack cocaine cake, i have to tell you . . . cherry chip cake with rainbow chip frosting has been my birthday cake every year since i was born, and so i feel you on this, all the way. (but come to the dark side, funfetti ain't got NOTHING on cherry chip.)

  2. thank you! i absolutely love your blog - and can commiserate (and laugh with) your adventures in nyc, real estate and otherwise. i am so glad you gave me this tip - rainbow chip is the best icing ever and i can't wait to try this combo now! thanks again for the visit - i hope "king henry" has a good night sleep :)


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