Thursday, April 21, 2011

on going back to black.

as the weather turns to spring - glorious, wonderful spring - i'm reminded of my senior year of college, when i first took a listen to amy winehouse's "back to black". it was love at first note, and there were days on end where i kept the album on repeat. i'm an old soul when it comes to music

(example: my first album that i bought with my own money in fourth grade was nat king cole's "just one of those things", quite a surprise to my parents, i'm sure)

so when there was a resurgence in the jazzy, bluesy singers, i swooned. and while i still love some of those that followed, amy was my first love. when i fell, i fell hard. most of her album is still in my itunes "top 25" playlist, and her sister album, "back to black: the b sides", is a revelation for a true fan. so it is heart-wrenching to watch her destroy her life, attempt to pick it back up again, only to destroy it once more. if not only for the human aspect of it, it's also for my own selfish reasons: i want another album. i want to fall in love all over again. i want to hear her sing about the past few years in her iconic voice.
image from: here.
do you have a musician you feel that way about - one last song you'd like to hear them sing?

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