Friday, April 29, 2011

on hats.

so, if you haven't heard, today prince william marries kate middleton. the wedding of the century they say, even if we do have 89 more years to go. while i'm not obsessed with the event, mostly owing to the fact that I don't get tv service, i'm still a bit excited. i mean - it's basically a wedding on crack. instead of waking up with a new set of pot and pans, you wake up as a princess with tons of amazing jewelry at your disposal. and that's just the tip of the iceberg. so to a certain extent, i understand the fascination. but what i'm actually looking forward to is what everyone will wear. from kate to posh, i can't wait to see. and a lot of what i will be looking at are the hats. the brits wear wonderful, awesome hats to weddings, and i'm starting to get a bit jealous. while i do wear hats to the few horse-centric events i attend or celebrate - the derby (definitely go at least once!) and the saratoga race track - i want more! below is a picture of myself at the racetrack last summer with my friend and her darling cloche.
keeping it classy with the hat, keeping it real with the miller lite
it's just an accessory we don't wear enough of here in the states. after recently discovering this store  (and this one!) on etsy, filled with amazing hats, i'm jonesing for another hat - an intricate, all-out hat to take me through track season. and perhaps if i'm real brave, a bridal shower or two. and for the record, my current hat was only $10 from walmart. yes, you heard me. wal.mart. if you feel like trying out a hat, start small (trust me, you won't be dissappointed). so while i'm excited to see a few pictures from the wedding, i'm mostly going to be focusing on the wonderful hats!
derby day, one of my favorite days of the year


  1. I agree, I wish we had more chances to wear hats here in the States! Also, I cracked up at your fancy hats paired with Miller Lite :)

  2. yes, let's bring back the hats!!! and what can i say - i love my hats and i love my miller lite!


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