Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on a new way to see things.

so this past friday i had off from work, but the boy was not so lucky. therefore, friday found me playing the stay at home wife, (just for a day!), anxiously waiting his return. and what a surprise i got when i opened the door to find him with two roses!
(it was quite funny - everyone driving past his house was smitten with this little transaction, along with myself). but, seeing as how he's a boy, he didn't have any vases (naturally). so, with some quick thinking, this jumbo "prego" jar became a vase (you know, the sauce). and i have to say, we both really liked the way it looked! plus, the "prego" written on the top of the jar was a nice touch (look closely, it's there), considering it's colloquial use as "thank you" and "you're welcome" in italian (i took a few semesters in college - finally comes in handy!). isn't that the whole reason we get people flowers (kinda, sorta)? it just goes to show that anything can add a touch beauty when looked at in the right light. any fun things you do to bring a little beauty into your world?

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