Friday, April 22, 2011

on the perfect morning.

i often think that the best mornings happen in the spring and fall. the air is cool, crisp and fresh. there's a slight chill in the air, but you can't stop your self from taking deep breaths to take it all in. the sun is shining and the day is yours - only one thing to do. get the perfect breakfast.
i'm visiting the boy this weekend and the first thing i did this morning was get this egg and bacon sandwhich. it is the best,, egg and bacon sandwhich i've ever had. if you're ever in upstate new york, check out the spring street deli. they only have one thing for breakfast. and they only need one when it's done this well.

i also found this little ditty on the community bulletin board hanging in the deli.
pretty sure this was made for zach galifinakis.
hope you're having a wonderful spring morning, too!


  1. sheesh that sandwich looks yummy.

  2. it is so goooood...if you're ever in saratoga, definitely try it!


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