Friday, April 8, 2011

on the subway.

it provides me much entertainment. and giggles. and uncomfortable situations. but i try to focus on the giggles. like yesterday, as i'm swiping my card, i hear a guy with a thick new jersey accent comment on his lunch.

"dude, i had a salad day. it was awful. and i was so hungry. how do girls do that everyday?"

i know, right?!?! thank you for appreciating the hardship we go through. and then of course, as i have done on multiple occasions, my mind will wander, i'll be thinking about all sorts of delights, and i'll slam into the turnstile at full force. because i never took out my metro card and swiped. not doing much to dispel the "dumb blonde" theory. but it does make me giggle.

have a wonderful weekend peeps!

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