Tuesday, May 31, 2011

on the good life.

just a few scenes from our weekend. i hope you enjoyed the three days to relax.
{the first strawberry cobbler of the season}
{walking to dinner in brooklyn}
{brooklyn pizza for the birthday boy} 
{a baseball game to kick off the summer season}
{shake shack for breakfast}
{acting silly at the newest waterfront bar}
this has gotta be the good life.

Monday, May 30, 2011

on remembering.

the picture below is from last year's memorial day. it was a wonderful day, but it was also a typical day. i went to brunch with the boy. i wore bright colors. i broke out the white jeans. i was happy. i was in love. i was a typical girl in her 20s, doing all the typical things one might do. it also happened to be the day my good friend from my high school passed away.
it's not hard to be reminded of memorial day in nyc, as it happens to fall during fleet week. and as much as i love to see the city overrun with sailors, it also serves to remind me of the commitment they make to our country and how far from home they continually find themselves. it reminds me to be thankful and grateful for them and all the others who serve our country and one day may make the ultimate sacrifice for us. but since last year, it will also be the day i remember debbie. i know what it feels like to lose someone so young that had so much promise and was doing her best to make the world a better place. so i look at this picture a lot. i look at how carefree i am. how happy i am. and i hope i can remember to fully appreciate days like that and live my life to the fullest in her memory. i hope that i never take for granted any typical day in my life, because it is really so much more than that. so as we remember those who have given their lives to our country, try to spare a thought for my friend debbie, and be thankful for all of the typical days we've had, and the ones we still have left before us.

Friday, May 27, 2011

on hot dogs.

well today has been super awesome. first, i passed a test relating to my job this morning that i was nervous about, so i'm pumped. second, my internet friend erin from a perfect pairing gave me a blog award (!), so please go check out her blog. three, i had a hot dog for lunch. and i see myself eating many more this weekend.

so, without further ado, let's pass on that award! first ten things about me:

1. i love hot dogs.
2. i hate cheese.
3. i love sugar.
4. the higher the heels, the better.
5. my first degree was in chemical engineering. yikes.
6. i have lived in virginia, philadelphia, nashville and now nyc.
7. i am known for making killer pies and cobblers.
8. i "studied" abroad in denmark my junior year of college.
9. i rafted down the snake river in jackson hole, wyoming while drinking champagne and paddling. i don't like to compromise who i am for anything, and just because i'm doing something outdoorsy does not mean i won't be drinking champagne and wearing rhinestones (which i was also doing).
10. when i'm running i usually make up a music video in my head for the song i'm listening to.

as for the blogs i give this award to, just look to your left (and pass the award on, please)! i love those blogs and i hope you check them out and love them too. have an awesome weekend - i will have a lot to share with you next week. mostly good. one sad. but that's they way life goes dear readers. now go eat a hot dog!

on a new recipe.

oh i love this one. it is so good, and so easy to make. plus, it lets me incorporate sugar into the main dish, which obviously is what i'm all about. i started by roasting some green beans - literally the easiest thing in the world. turn the oven up to 350, mix the beans with a little olive oil, a few shakes of sea salt and one minced clove of garlic. throw those suckers in the oven until you think they're done.
 next up - the salmon, which i based off of this recipe. i put a small spoonful of brown sugar in a bowl, then a few shakes of sea salt, cinnamon and mustard. i didn't have cumin so i added in a few shakes of paprika. i have no idea if cumin or paprika have a similar taste, i just went crazy and did it. nothing exploded in my kitchen, so i encourage you to do it too.
i also cooked the salmon in the same tray as the green beans, though i removed the string beans from the pan before i put the salmon in to cook. unfortunately, my oven isn't large enough to fit a pan with a handle. yay nyc apartment kitchens!
paired with the first glass of white wine of the season and it was perfect. healthy and a break from the mounds of pasta and ravioli i always have for dinner. i stopped at eataly, a food market near me, to pick these up - when you cook for one it's nice to have a resource where you can get individual portions. and it was only $5 (!), proving that it's not that expensive to eat healthy. do you have any new recipes you're crushing on? 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

on recent fashion choices.

alright readers, it's time to get real. it's time to judge my recent fashion decisions.
first, if you don't watch the office, i suggest you start. it will really enhance the internet friendship we have begun here. you see, there's one episode about performance reviews. angela is all excited about her review. she says that she was on the youth beauty pageant circuit while growing up and really enjoys being judged. and that's pretty much how this post is going to go. we're all going to get super excited and judge me.

it started with this sequin shirt. i recently went to nashville (also called nashvegas) and saw this on etsy. i thought it would embrace the "vegas" part of nashvegas, and it was pretty much irresistible for a sequin lover like myself. seriously, i am madly in love with sequins. some people find random pine needles from their christmas tree on their floor throughout the year. i find sequins. true story. so here it is - the shirt.
shirt: etsy. expression: priceless.
 what do we think? do i look like an old vegas showgirl who's seen better days? am i pulling off the "oh i live in new york and can get away with this shit" look? really readers, let me know. lay it on me thick. (that's kind of a disgusting phrase that makes me think of someone getting covered in peanut butter, but whatever. the shirt. judge please).

second up, are leather shorts. that's right. leather. shorts. i don't even know where these came from, but they were on sale, i envisioned them with a certain pair of heels (always my downfall) and the next thing i know - i own them. when i texted the boy to tell him i got leather shorts the response was "..." yeah, we were both skeptical. but once i got them in the mail i fell for them. hard. they're super soft and i can wear them in a million different ways. the boy approved too. so here is my winter version of leather shorts, which yes, i wore in may, because the northeast has sucked at spring this year.
shorts: UO. excuse the look on my face as i try to find the meaning of life in the corner i'm starting at.
so there you have it. judge away. be honest. should i keep wearing these items in public or should i go all great expectations on them and wear them in the comfort of my home.

honestly, it's time to change this blog's name to sequins and sugar. that literally sums me up in two words.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

on french pancakes.

this past sunday the boy and i finally went to get brunch at the local restaurant that specializes in crepes in his town. to say the least, there aren't too many of those in upstate new york.
the crepe man. gettin' his crepe on.
the brunch selection was sweet and savory crepes and, if you know anything about me (which you should at this point in our internet relationship), it's that i have a sweet tooth. naturally, i went with the sweet crepe. luckily the boy went with savory, which meant i got to nibble on his pommes frites. fancy.
pommes frites? freedom fries? whichever you prefer.
my crepe was filled with strawberries and nutella, so it was pretty much amazing. you can't go wrong with that combination.
strawberries + nutella = crack for brunch
i don't know why it took us so long to stop in here for brunch. a sweet crepe, a hot cop of coffee and someone to share it with are pretty much the definition of a perfect sunday morning.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

on my favorite burger.

serious eats recently did a test taste, pitting in'n'out, shake shack and five guys against one another. they went all out to make it as fair as possible (seriously, read the article. that's dedication). and while i know that shake shack does have a tastier patty, five guys will always win this contest for me. (also, five guys fries far exceed shake shack. am i alone in that sentiment?) i grew up in virginia, (the greatest state in the union, naturally), where five guys was founded. in fact, the first five guys ever was the local burger shop near my high school, and it taught me that fast food can be fresh and good (as in taste good, not good for you. they can only do so much). it was a simple burger joint back then, not yet franchised, and i have many fond memories of sneaking off campus at lunchtime to grab a bite there. in my opinion, no other burger can top it.
assessing the task at hand
and so i found myself chowing down on my favorite burger and fries this past saturday afternoon at the BYOE (bring your own eats) brewery in the boy's town. it's free beers all day, and they come in super cute tiny glasses, which i realize only matters to us ladies.
that little hamburger never stood a chance.
do you have a preference from the serious eats contest? even better, do you have a burger in your town or city that you swear by? or your state? or your country?!
i would love to hear about it. (unless your favorite burger is in ohio. i don't do ohio. sorry. long story). 

Monday, May 23, 2011

on being positive.

so today is the 129,804,284,912th day in a row it has been rainy and cold in this city. and the forecast says it will continue into tomorrow. i feel as though i'm living in seattle. it rained all last week, it was cold yesterday, and it's again cold and rainy today. we've gotten to the point where even flowers won't brighten the day. so i'm posting photographic evidence that yes, i can be very happy on a rainy day.
granted it was the weekend, but still. i look genuinely happy under that umbrella. so happy rainy monday everyone. i hope you enjoy faking it as much as i do.
that's what she said.

Friday, May 20, 2011

on the downside of new york city.

so being a new york city dweller is not all about eating at the brooklyn flea, drinking red wine and engorging yourself on funfetti cake all while wearing a pair of fabulous heels as i've made it out to be. sometimes, just sometimes, living here can be frustrating, a pain, and just plain exhausting. which leads me to tourists.
i actually like tourists. one - they spend a lot of money here. they bring the city tons of revenue and create many jobs in the process. and if there are two things i like better than cake and wine, it's revenue and jobs. second, their wonder and awe for the city remind me everyday how lucky i am live to here and how grateful i should be for that opportunity. so thank you tourists for keeping me humble. you're like the best for realz. but my exposure to tourists has been increased exponentially since i started working in rockefeller center. and in between all the tourists, and midtown workers and new yorkers, you find yourself having a lot more interaction with strangers on a daily basis then you would if say you worked in, oh, i don't know, let's say iowa. that's seems like a fair comparison.
unless you're brit brit being a tourist, do not step. via here.
so it was with little fanfare that i left work last friday when i had a typical nyc incident. i headed out the revolving door a mother and her two teenage daughters were also walking through. except they decided to keep going through one more time. i get it - fun! revolving doors! they don't have those in iowa! great fun! so i joined in on the fun, but just to simply, you know, use the door to leave the building. i'm old fashioned like that.
via here.
but when i pushed the door the mom (who i guess was going slowly? not pushing and letting her daughters push? i dunno) did not seem to comprehend that the door was going to keep going and bumped into it. she turned to scold her daughters, and then she saw me. i apologized with a smile because, like any normal human being, i felt bad she bumped her shoulder. and then it happened. the tourist meltdown.
"sorry! you better be sorry! you're going to be sorry when I send you the bill! so sorry..."
aaaaaaaand that's when i got out of earshot. i was about to turn around and take her down to chinatown, but i decided that yelling at an older woman in an acid-washed jean jacket (tourist alert!) in front of my place of work would not be a high point for me. so i walked on. but naturally, all the things i would have said build up in my head.
"hmmm...i pushed a door to leave a building? are you incompetent enough to not grasp that there's nothing wrong in doing that? are you so unintelligent to see that fact?"
and then you stop and wonder why you're asking youself so many rhetorical questions and getting so hot and bothered. and this is the bad part of nyc that can grate on you. these interactions can get to you. make you angry. exhaust you. and is probably the root cause of why i eat so much funfetti cake.
*le sigh*. end of rant / story. when am i allowed to officially be called a new yorker again?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

on early dinners turning into late nights.

i recently met up with my friend for an early dinner in an attempt to give us more time to catch up. we'd get to chat and still get to bed at a reasonable hour (hah!) being the gentlemen from texas that he is, he made sure to pick a place with one of my favorite foods - shrimp and grits.
i'm not kidding when i say i'm obsessed with southern food people! as a special they had macaroni and cheese with rosemary and bacon (!!!!) don't you love it when restaurants take all of your favorite foods and combine them into one dish? is rosemary my favorite herb? check. i clearly don't need to justify the addition of bacon here, but is it amazing? heck yes. and a southern staple, macaroni and cheese? done.
(yet, to be honest with you here, i actually don't like macaroni and cheese - i just like southern food. it's such a famous southern food staple and since i just live for that cuisine i always try it in hopes that i'll like it. but the truth is...i don't like cheese. yes, i know. it's a horror. i can tell you all about it one day. it truly is, hands down, the strangest thing about me. so far.)
anyways, back on topic. dinner. as we shared our food and stories from the past month, over peals of laughter and judgemental stares from the other patrons, wine glasses emptied and refilled themselves as if by magic and time slowly ticked by. so before we knew it, we were paying the bill as the clock struck one (!) we met at six (!) (but come on, who could say no to that face?!) the next day brought a *touch* of a headache and text messages blaming the other for the late night, but really, we loved it. a five hour dinner session with a friend is never a regret. even if it does involve cheese.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

on playing tricks.

this past saturday we went to a favorite tapas bar of ours, bar carrera, in the east village. laid back and dimly lit, it's the perfect date spot. the tiny plates are delicious and inventive, and the wine is affordable. they make even the tiniest dish seem remarkable.
their pan con tomate. covered with a sprinkling of cheese, perhaps? no, dear readers, that's powdered olive oil. yes. olive oil. made into a powder. i love when people invent things i could never think of - from the chef that night to thomas edison -  it certainly makes the world a more interesting (and tasty!) place, don't you think?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

on lunch.

every day begins the same. i get to work still feeling full after my morning bowl of cereal, ready to take on the world. i'm looking forward to lunch and confident about my choice. salad. "i shall get a salad" i say! i am confident. i am steadfast. i am full. a salad it is.
eventually the clock hits 11. this hour is usually heralded with the loud and angry grumbling of my stomach. i stare very hard at my computer, pretending this isn't happening. i mean, if i pretend it's not happening, then surely my cubemate won't hear it happening. oh that computer screen and i. we stare very hard at one another. if someone walked by they might think i had a serious, undying hatred for my computer and should seek professional help. immediately. and that, of course, would be fine. as long as they didn't hear my stomach.

and so here is where the problem starts. "well," i tell myself "i mean...if i feel so hungry, then i must, truly, be very hungry and require something very filling to eat. hmmm...there is a five guys across the street. and a pizza shop. and chinese food. or a burrito place. oh yes! yes!" i tell myself. "that's it! a burrito! a burrito it is!" you see, it's a slippery slope between a salad and rationalizing the purchase of a burrito. oh that hour between 11 and 12. the thoughts that overcome me. the trans fats i imagine consuming.

usually, i still, get my salad (not always. every now and then i get a burrito. i make it healthy by being a burrito bowl. hah!) but on fridays i'll allow myself to start the customary weekend of unhealthy eating a little early and have some of those darned trans fats. so last friday i found myself in the newly opened bouchon bakery near work, ordering a huge chocolate chip cookie. i was kind enough to only eat half and bring some home for the boy who was visiting. it took every last bit of my self-control. i was pretty proud of that.
image via here.
this being new york city though, i couldn't just get my cookie like any other day. as the line advanced i realized that the man working behind the counter - handing out cookies, getting the lunch crowd in.and.out - was none other than thomas keller himself. he handed me my cookie, with a huge smile on his face, and turned to help the next customer, loving every minute of it. like any other shop owner, he was happy to be in the mix - just another baker opening a new store. i left smiling to myself, wondering how it is new york always manages to make something special seem very normal, and the very normal seem special. just your regular, old nyc lunch.

Monday, May 16, 2011

on unique new york.

whenever someone comes into town, i always want to find a way to somehow impress them with nyc. that endeavor can be harder than you think when they're tired from the tourist crowds, annoyed at the high prices and disappointed with the bland restaurants that surround the big nyc destinations. i want to show them something that's off the beaten path and not found in a guide book. and so it was that we found ourselves at tacombi on saturday morning, a taco shop that's housed in an old garage space.
it's definitely not something you see everyday, much less in nyc.
the tacos were delicious, and i think our guest enjoyed getting away from all of the crowds. if you plan a trip to nyc, be sure to pop in and experience something a little different.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

on beauty.

i went to the farmer's market this morning and wanted to share this - so pretty and they smelled like heaven!
i hope your weekend is filled with all of the good things spring brings - more flowers, less sneezing!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

on cocktails.

yes spring is here. in all it's health-crushing glory. the past few days have been filled with aches, sneezes, headaches and the urge to sleep all.the.time. these are days that i bring out my "cold cocktail". which is as follows:
mucinex d or dm
found here.
as you can see, i don't mess around. and yes, the calcium is the non-sequitur in that cocktail, but necessary nonetheless. finally, although i'm not a tea drinker, tea works magic. it works even more magic when it's a tea hot toddy.
yes, this is actually the picture that came up when i searched for hot toddy. i died. found here.
a kind bar tender made me a hot toddy when i had a coughing spell in front of him (story for another day!), and wow. that, dear readers, is what really works. slept like a baby (which, i think we can all agree on, is a very nonsensical phrase). what do you do for your colds - any tips?

also has anyone else started to watch happy endings? i'm kind of feeling it. say what - sit down, grab your boo, watch a few epis, and then get back to me. we can discuss it over hot toddys.

on knowing.

now, it's not that i don't believe in love at first sight. i do think it's possible to a certain extent. but to truly, unequivocally know that someone you just met will be with you for a lifetime? there has to be a little doubt, a deep breath, a logical voice that reminds us that the first few hours of conversation, no matter how good, does not a lifetime make.

and a best friend, well, they're no different than the romantic love we'll spend forever with - a best friend is for a lifetime too. so it was a odd day for me, the day i met lisa. it was at an orientation for our graduate school when we struck up a conversation at the table we shared when the strangest feeling came over me. all of a sudden - i just knew. i knew we would be best friends. i knew we would spend every minute together. i knew that we were about to embark on a friendship of a lifetime. i didn't know anything about her really - except that she would be my best friend. so i no longer doubt that within moments of meeting someone the other can know that they are "the one". to a certain extent, i know how real that feeling can be.
a few weeks before graduation.
lisa was the bachelorette we were celebrating this weekend, and i am bursting with happiness for her and her future husband. there is only one thing in this world better than something good happening to you - when something good happens to your best friend.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

on the best brunch.

please indulge me while i make all my posts about nashville for a few short days. i hadn't been back in almost two years so i tried to do as many of my favorite things as possible in the small amount of time i had there. and now i get to share it with you! particularly - my favorite brunch in the whole world. if you ever venture to nashville, you must, MUST, go to bongo java across from belmont university. get the juanita burita. tell them to hold the potatoes and add on a side of bacon. the chipotle cream cheese will delight you. the bacon will astound you. the coffee will warm you. the tons of outdoor seating will amaze you.
sorry for looking so tired. as victoria beckham says, it's exhausting being this fabulous.
and if it's done with the friends, it's that much better. best. brunch. ever.
even though our plates look demolished, you can tell we all got the same thing. best. brunch. ever.

Monday, May 9, 2011

on southern food.

i love southern food. always have. always will. but something i didn't try until i moved to the south, and took a trip to charleston (one of the most magical cities i've been to), was shrimp and grits. an odd combination, but trust me, after just one bite you'll be hooked. luckily for me i was able to find some at a new restaurant in nashville. still looking for a good plate of it in nyc.
any fun regional food you've discovered in your neck of the woods?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

on toads.

i am back from my amazing weekend in nashville - i love the city, and being back with the friends i made there made was so special. the bride-to-be had some activities planned for us this past weekend, including a redneck comedy bus tour (yes, you read that correctly). in order to get into the spirit of things, we all decided to dress up. and that led me to finding this little number at beacon's closet, a huge vintage store in brooklyn.
this shirt has raised oh so many questions for me.
1. why is the toad sitting on a fire hydrant?
2. why does the toad's happiness incite a bowel movement for him?
3. if he's so happy, why does he look so unhappy?
4. what was the person on who came up with the concept for the t-shirt?
these questions, dear readers, are what are keeping me up at night. if you have any insight, i am all ears.

Friday, May 6, 2011

on going back down south now.

i am headed to nashville (nashvegas, if you will) for a bachelorette party this weekend. oh the south - particularly nashville - and the old romantic, wayward, longing it has on me. i am thrilled to be headed there. my friends and i went to grad school in nashvegas, so we're beyond pumped to reunite there. i will also come back with pictures, so many pictures, to share with ya'll (if you will). have an awesome weekend!
nashvegas sunrise, last weekend, taken by my dad

Thursday, May 5, 2011

on missing concerts.

tonight i was supposed to see a concert with my friend. sadly, we misunderstood the situation. you see, by 7 PM, we meant - meet for a margarita. and the band meant - the doors open. and by 8 PM we meant - eat at our favorite, i repeat, fav.or.ite, neighborhood, italian restaurant. and the band meant - warm-up. and my 9:30 PM we meant - finish the wine and eat tiramasu for dessert. and the band meant - kick off the middle of the set. and by 10:30 PM we meant - arrive at the venue. and the band meant - time for the encore. a true miscommunication, am i right? i mean, i sure look confused!
 as does my friend!
deers in headlights, the two of us. oh well. at least i wore my kick-ass shoes.
usually my shoes are the only saving grace for my day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

on a head of garlic.

this week has been a touch busy. i am headed out of town for a bachelorette party (my favorite part of a wedding) on friday, and have been running around like crazy trying to get everything done. in addition to the fact that it's busy season at work, and i have been working my 11 to 12 hour days like a good, dutiful new yorker should, i have also:

gone to duane reade for shaving cream (essential for the weekend ahead!). went to forever 21 to get denim cut-offs for a redneck costume, resulting in no cut-offs procured. done a load of laundry. gotten a mani / pedi (essential for the weekend ahead!) gone for a run everyday. dropped off recycling. packed. got my eyebrows threaded (essential for the weekend!) studied for an hour every night. went to victoria's secret to get a gift. dropped off dry cleaning. went to sephora to get more mascara (essential for the weekend ahead!) on top of all of this, i did the most important of tasks.
look at that manicure!
purchased a head of garlic. it kept falling to the bottom of list, but gosh darnit i was going to have my raviolis with garlic olive oil, so help me god! and so i got it. finally. (and where, where, in all of this was i able to check out the anthropologie sales rack? nowhere, dear readers, nowhere. the horror). yes, i know, woe is me with a mani / pedi on the to-do checklist. woe is me.

and now i shall go eat a reese's easter egg. and you?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

on an (insider) fashion tip.

let's say i have a friend. (a stretch, i know). let's say this friend was a stylist in nyc for a while, and she worked for a talk show. and let's say the woman she styled had a talk show focused on home making. perhaps, some might say, this women is the be all and end all of making food, crafts, and the like. perhaps she's responsible for the genre. perhaps. now say the stylist and this women discovered the greatest cashmere sweaters after doing extensive research - best material, craftsmanship and price rolled into one. ladies (and gentlemen), the j. crew cashmere sweater.
the cashmere is made in italy, but the sweater is structured and sewn in china. this gives you the best fabric while saving money on the cost of making the sweater. (and, as warren buffet has said, the chinese are pretty good tailors themselves). and so we have an amazing sweater for little of what the cost would be - about $140.

now, let's say that's still a bit steep (it is). so here's the second tip - buy these sweaters after christmas or before the start of the spring fashion season. they are 50% then and, usually, an extra 30% off in store (j. crew likes to do that with their sale section every now and then). that leaves us at $49(!) while the one i was looking at yesterday and went to buy today was gone, it's not too late dear readers! i have two of these sweaters and i adore them. unless you're hankering for a certain color, definitely wait to see what goes on sale and then scoop it up for yourself. trust me, it won't be the first one you buy. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

on wine.

so, i love wine. love, love, love it. all the different kinds, how it can taste different when paired with food, the time and love that goes into making a good bottle - i think it's amazing. and if you've ever been taken aback with a sip of a really good wine, you know what i mean. so i was delighted when i was able to go wine tasting this weekend in the beautiful hudson valley.
vineyard in south africa. definitely not upstate new york.
while i've tried wineries in all different parts of new york (with varying degrees of success), this one has been my favorite so far. the tasting was fun and relaxed, and had we brought our lunch we could have used the nice picnic table they had set up outside.
sunset over a south african vineyard
now i know some people are afraid that wine tasting may be pretentious or stuffy. (although half the fun can be in saying ridiculous things like "oh yes, can you taste those tannins?" or "how about that scent of fresh cut grass in the wine, am i right?" obviously this is best done in a british accent with your nose slightly pointed in the air). however, every vineyard i've gone to has been laid back and casual, welcoming and eager to share their wine. and most importantly, the story of their wine. on my dream trip after graduation, my friend and i set out for south africa, including some days spent in their wine country. we drove up to a vineyard housed mostly in a little old building that the guide book recommended. it was there that an old man, with weathered hands that were missing a finger or two, walked us through the tasting of the wines. the wines he made. with his own hands. and has been making for years. it was just him and us, people from worlds apart that would have never collided, connecting for a few minutes over a mutual love in that small little building in south africa, before slipping back to our former lives. and it was just magic.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

on little old towns.

this weekend involved a great tour of upstate new york. my boyfriend's mother and aunt came to visit and we decided to hit up a wine tasting at a vineyard and grab some tasty lunch. what struck us were the old buildings and architecture in all the towns we passed through, including the city he lives in. everything was begging for it's picture to be taken, but we didn't get many as there was no time for wandering around. hopefully we'll go back and get to snap some more pictures.
is there anything you ever see that makes you want to whip out your camera and grab a picture?
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