Tuesday, May 10, 2011

on the best brunch.

please indulge me while i make all my posts about nashville for a few short days. i hadn't been back in almost two years so i tried to do as many of my favorite things as possible in the small amount of time i had there. and now i get to share it with you! particularly - my favorite brunch in the whole world. if you ever venture to nashville, you must, MUST, go to bongo java across from belmont university. get the juanita burita. tell them to hold the potatoes and add on a side of bacon. the chipotle cream cheese will delight you. the bacon will astound you. the coffee will warm you. the tons of outdoor seating will amaze you.
sorry for looking so tired. as victoria beckham says, it's exhausting being this fabulous.
and if it's done with the friends, it's that much better. best. brunch. ever.
even though our plates look demolished, you can tell we all got the same thing. best. brunch. ever.

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  1. This post popped up on your linkwithin widget on today's post... that top picture of you is adorable and you're totally making me crave that yummy breakfast!


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