Wednesday, May 11, 2011

on cocktails.

yes spring is here. in all it's health-crushing glory. the past few days have been filled with aches, sneezes, headaches and the urge to sleep all.the.time. these are days that i bring out my "cold cocktail". which is as follows:
mucinex d or dm
found here.
as you can see, i don't mess around. and yes, the calcium is the non-sequitur in that cocktail, but necessary nonetheless. finally, although i'm not a tea drinker, tea works magic. it works even more magic when it's a tea hot toddy.
yes, this is actually the picture that came up when i searched for hot toddy. i died. found here.
a kind bar tender made me a hot toddy when i had a coughing spell in front of him (story for another day!), and wow. that, dear readers, is what really works. slept like a baby (which, i think we can all agree on, is a very nonsensical phrase). what do you do for your colds - any tips?

also has anyone else started to watch happy endings? i'm kind of feeling it. say what - sit down, grab your boo, watch a few epis, and then get back to me. we can discuss it over hot toddys.

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  1. Dude, I soooo feel you. I just took some sudafed and drank a ton of coffee, after waking up with the same allergy-related headache that I went to bed with. Still, me and my headache will take warmer weather any day! Hope you have a good weekend.


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