Thursday, May 19, 2011

on early dinners turning into late nights.

i recently met up with my friend for an early dinner in an attempt to give us more time to catch up. we'd get to chat and still get to bed at a reasonable hour (hah!) being the gentlemen from texas that he is, he made sure to pick a place with one of my favorite foods - shrimp and grits.
i'm not kidding when i say i'm obsessed with southern food people! as a special they had macaroni and cheese with rosemary and bacon (!!!!) don't you love it when restaurants take all of your favorite foods and combine them into one dish? is rosemary my favorite herb? check. i clearly don't need to justify the addition of bacon here, but is it amazing? heck yes. and a southern staple, macaroni and cheese? done.
(yet, to be honest with you here, i actually don't like macaroni and cheese - i just like southern food. it's such a famous southern food staple and since i just live for that cuisine i always try it in hopes that i'll like it. but the truth is...i don't like cheese. yes, i know. it's a horror. i can tell you all about it one day. it truly is, hands down, the strangest thing about me. so far.)
anyways, back on topic. dinner. as we shared our food and stories from the past month, over peals of laughter and judgemental stares from the other patrons, wine glasses emptied and refilled themselves as if by magic and time slowly ticked by. so before we knew it, we were paying the bill as the clock struck one (!) we met at six (!) (but come on, who could say no to that face?!) the next day brought a *touch* of a headache and text messages blaming the other for the late night, but really, we loved it. a five hour dinner session with a friend is never a regret. even if it does involve cheese.


  1. Thanx for your lovely comment!
    Now i need to fix myself some dinner...the pics are so mothwatering! :-)

  2. That sounds so fun! NOthing like a fun night out with a good friend. And I am totally dying for some mac and cheese now!


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