Wednesday, May 25, 2011

on french pancakes.

this past sunday the boy and i finally went to get brunch at the local restaurant that specializes in crepes in his town. to say the least, there aren't too many of those in upstate new york.
the crepe man. gettin' his crepe on.
the brunch selection was sweet and savory crepes and, if you know anything about me (which you should at this point in our internet relationship), it's that i have a sweet tooth. naturally, i went with the sweet crepe. luckily the boy went with savory, which meant i got to nibble on his pommes frites. fancy.
pommes frites? freedom fries? whichever you prefer.
my crepe was filled with strawberries and nutella, so it was pretty much amazing. you can't go wrong with that combination.
strawberries + nutella = crack for brunch
i don't know why it took us so long to stop in here for brunch. a sweet crepe, a hot cop of coffee and someone to share it with are pretty much the definition of a perfect sunday morning.


  1. oh, yum. seriously...yum.

  2. OMG delish!!!!! I love crepes so much. Especially any that include strawberries, cream, and nutella chocolate creme. Oh delicious.

    Thanks for posting this and making me seriously hungry. jeje

  3. ummmmm. ammmazing. chocolate and fruite. in crepe form. ok, craving commence...


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