Wednesday, May 4, 2011

on a head of garlic.

this week has been a touch busy. i am headed out of town for a bachelorette party (my favorite part of a wedding) on friday, and have been running around like crazy trying to get everything done. in addition to the fact that it's busy season at work, and i have been working my 11 to 12 hour days like a good, dutiful new yorker should, i have also:

gone to duane reade for shaving cream (essential for the weekend ahead!). went to forever 21 to get denim cut-offs for a redneck costume, resulting in no cut-offs procured. done a load of laundry. gotten a mani / pedi (essential for the weekend ahead!) gone for a run everyday. dropped off recycling. packed. got my eyebrows threaded (essential for the weekend!) studied for an hour every night. went to victoria's secret to get a gift. dropped off dry cleaning. went to sephora to get more mascara (essential for the weekend ahead!) on top of all of this, i did the most important of tasks.
look at that manicure!
purchased a head of garlic. it kept falling to the bottom of list, but gosh darnit i was going to have my raviolis with garlic olive oil, so help me god! and so i got it. finally. (and where, where, in all of this was i able to check out the anthropologie sales rack? nowhere, dear readers, nowhere. the horror). yes, i know, woe is me with a mani / pedi on the to-do checklist. woe is me.

and now i shall go eat a reese's easter egg. and you?

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