Friday, May 27, 2011

on hot dogs.

well today has been super awesome. first, i passed a test relating to my job this morning that i was nervous about, so i'm pumped. second, my internet friend erin from a perfect pairing gave me a blog award (!), so please go check out her blog. three, i had a hot dog for lunch. and i see myself eating many more this weekend.

so, without further ado, let's pass on that award! first ten things about me:

1. i love hot dogs.
2. i hate cheese.
3. i love sugar.
4. the higher the heels, the better.
5. my first degree was in chemical engineering. yikes.
6. i have lived in virginia, philadelphia, nashville and now nyc.
7. i am known for making killer pies and cobblers.
8. i "studied" abroad in denmark my junior year of college.
9. i rafted down the snake river in jackson hole, wyoming while drinking champagne and paddling. i don't like to compromise who i am for anything, and just because i'm doing something outdoorsy does not mean i won't be drinking champagne and wearing rhinestones (which i was also doing).
10. when i'm running i usually make up a music video in my head for the song i'm listening to.

as for the blogs i give this award to, just look to your left (and pass the award on, please)! i love those blogs and i hope you check them out and love them too. have an awesome weekend - i will have a lot to share with you next week. mostly good. one sad. but that's they way life goes dear readers. now go eat a hot dog!


  1. Chemical engineering? I'm impressed!

  2. jackson hole, wyoming is my favorite place on the planet! and i can't believe you dont like cheese! i basically live off of it :)


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