Tuesday, May 3, 2011

on an (insider) fashion tip.

let's say i have a friend. (a stretch, i know). let's say this friend was a stylist in nyc for a while, and she worked for a talk show. and let's say the woman she styled had a talk show focused on home making. perhaps, some might say, this women is the be all and end all of making food, crafts, and the like. perhaps she's responsible for the genre. perhaps. now say the stylist and this women discovered the greatest cashmere sweaters after doing extensive research - best material, craftsmanship and price rolled into one. ladies (and gentlemen), the j. crew cashmere sweater.
the cashmere is made in italy, but the sweater is structured and sewn in china. this gives you the best fabric while saving money on the cost of making the sweater. (and, as warren buffet has said, the chinese are pretty good tailors themselves). and so we have an amazing sweater for little of what the cost would be - about $140.

now, let's say that's still a bit steep (it is). so here's the second tip - buy these sweaters after christmas or before the start of the spring fashion season. they are 50% then and, usually, an extra 30% off in store (j. crew likes to do that with their sale section every now and then). that leaves us at $49(!) while the one i was looking at yesterday and went to buy today was gone, it's not too late dear readers! i have two of these sweaters and i adore them. unless you're hankering for a certain color, definitely wait to see what goes on sale and then scoop it up for yourself. trust me, it won't be the first one you buy. 

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