Wednesday, May 11, 2011

on knowing.

now, it's not that i don't believe in love at first sight. i do think it's possible to a certain extent. but to truly, unequivocally know that someone you just met will be with you for a lifetime? there has to be a little doubt, a deep breath, a logical voice that reminds us that the first few hours of conversation, no matter how good, does not a lifetime make.

and a best friend, well, they're no different than the romantic love we'll spend forever with - a best friend is for a lifetime too. so it was a odd day for me, the day i met lisa. it was at an orientation for our graduate school when we struck up a conversation at the table we shared when the strangest feeling came over me. all of a sudden - i just knew. i knew we would be best friends. i knew we would spend every minute together. i knew that we were about to embark on a friendship of a lifetime. i didn't know anything about her really - except that she would be my best friend. so i no longer doubt that within moments of meeting someone the other can know that they are "the one". to a certain extent, i know how real that feeling can be.
a few weeks before graduation.
lisa was the bachelorette we were celebrating this weekend, and i am bursting with happiness for her and her future husband. there is only one thing in this world better than something good happening to you - when something good happens to your best friend.


  1. Sounds like Nashville was so fun! It is great to get back together with old friends like that. I love the feeling of being able to jump right back in as though you saw each other yesterday. I bet Lisa's wedding is going to be a great time!

  2. it seriously was the best! and yes, her wedding will be great - thank you for such a sweet comment!

  3. i love this. it's so true. i feel like that love at first sight feeling is more easy to trust when it's for a new friend.


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