Tuesday, May 17, 2011

on lunch.

every day begins the same. i get to work still feeling full after my morning bowl of cereal, ready to take on the world. i'm looking forward to lunch and confident about my choice. salad. "i shall get a salad" i say! i am confident. i am steadfast. i am full. a salad it is.
eventually the clock hits 11. this hour is usually heralded with the loud and angry grumbling of my stomach. i stare very hard at my computer, pretending this isn't happening. i mean, if i pretend it's not happening, then surely my cubemate won't hear it happening. oh that computer screen and i. we stare very hard at one another. if someone walked by they might think i had a serious, undying hatred for my computer and should seek professional help. immediately. and that, of course, would be fine. as long as they didn't hear my stomach.

and so here is where the problem starts. "well," i tell myself "i mean...if i feel so hungry, then i must, truly, be very hungry and require something very filling to eat. hmmm...there is a five guys across the street. and a pizza shop. and chinese food. or a burrito place. oh yes! yes!" i tell myself. "that's it! a burrito! a burrito it is!" you see, it's a slippery slope between a salad and rationalizing the purchase of a burrito. oh that hour between 11 and 12. the thoughts that overcome me. the trans fats i imagine consuming.

usually, i still, get my salad (not always. every now and then i get a burrito. i make it healthy by being a burrito bowl. hah!) but on fridays i'll allow myself to start the customary weekend of unhealthy eating a little early and have some of those darned trans fats. so last friday i found myself in the newly opened bouchon bakery near work, ordering a huge chocolate chip cookie. i was kind enough to only eat half and bring some home for the boy who was visiting. it took every last bit of my self-control. i was pretty proud of that.
image via here.
this being new york city though, i couldn't just get my cookie like any other day. as the line advanced i realized that the man working behind the counter - handing out cookies, getting the lunch crowd in.and.out - was none other than thomas keller himself. he handed me my cookie, with a huge smile on his face, and turned to help the next customer, loving every minute of it. like any other shop owner, he was happy to be in the mix - just another baker opening a new store. i left smiling to myself, wondering how it is new york always manages to make something special seem very normal, and the very normal seem special. just your regular, old nyc lunch.


  1. Mmmm cookies...

    By the way, I can see that I have a new message on the sidebar but can't for the life of me figure out how to read it! Sigh.

  2. oh darn! well i was just pumped you were following my blog and wanted to let you know i was thinking of your family in the aftermath of the tornado. hopefully one day you'll get it!

  3. I'm pretty sure if Thomas Keller gave me the cookie, I would eat the whole thing, then order 15 more. How cool that he was working the counter! He's one of my favorite celeb chefs. Also, last week on my day off, I went to see a movie, and when it ended around 2:00, I decided to get some lunch. I ended up at 5 guys, and decided i needed not only a burger, but fries, too. I ended up throwing half the fries out, and didn't feel great afterwords because my body isn't used to that type of food! But we're only human, so you can't make yourself crazy over skipping the salad some days... just don't start getting a burrito and cookies every day, and it'll be fine :)

  4. Also, I think you're sorta crazy for not liking asparagus... and I cracked up at your deal to only eat a few spears per meal, to this day!

  5. i know, it was very, very cool. i will definitely be back for more! and i agree - everything in moderation. one of my weaknesses is five guys - so. good. and yes, i realize everyone love asparagus except me, but as you know i've felt that way since childhood, haha! glad you enjoyed my little memory on that.


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