Thursday, May 5, 2011

on missing concerts.

tonight i was supposed to see a concert with my friend. sadly, we misunderstood the situation. you see, by 7 PM, we meant - meet for a margarita. and the band meant - the doors open. and by 8 PM we meant - eat at our favorite, i repeat, fav.or.ite, neighborhood, italian restaurant. and the band meant - warm-up. and my 9:30 PM we meant - finish the wine and eat tiramasu for dessert. and the band meant - kick off the middle of the set. and by 10:30 PM we meant - arrive at the venue. and the band meant - time for the encore. a true miscommunication, am i right? i mean, i sure look confused!
 as does my friend!
deers in headlights, the two of us. oh well. at least i wore my kick-ass shoes.
usually my shoes are the only saving grace for my day.


  1. These shoes are awesome!!

  2. thanks! they are a long-time fave of mine.


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