Tuesday, May 24, 2011

on my favorite burger.

serious eats recently did a test taste, pitting in'n'out, shake shack and five guys against one another. they went all out to make it as fair as possible (seriously, read the article. that's dedication). and while i know that shake shack does have a tastier patty, five guys will always win this contest for me. (also, five guys fries far exceed shake shack. am i alone in that sentiment?) i grew up in virginia, (the greatest state in the union, naturally), where five guys was founded. in fact, the first five guys ever was the local burger shop near my high school, and it taught me that fast food can be fresh and good (as in taste good, not good for you. they can only do so much). it was a simple burger joint back then, not yet franchised, and i have many fond memories of sneaking off campus at lunchtime to grab a bite there. in my opinion, no other burger can top it.
assessing the task at hand
and so i found myself chowing down on my favorite burger and fries this past saturday afternoon at the BYOE (bring your own eats) brewery in the boy's town. it's free beers all day, and they come in super cute tiny glasses, which i realize only matters to us ladies.
that little hamburger never stood a chance.
do you have a preference from the serious eats contest? even better, do you have a burger in your town or city that you swear by? or your state? or your country?!
i would love to hear about it. (unless your favorite burger is in ohio. i don't do ohio. sorry. long story). 


  1. I agree with you - Five Guys burgers are the best!! I am always craving one!

  2. ha! your expressions are priceless! xo

  3. I'm still researching good burgers, because I only started eating red meat about a year ago after a 15 year hiatus! So I'm easing my way back in... I actually just had my first Five Guys burger a couple weeks ago. It was tasty... but I think I kind of like "fancy" boutique burgers better. Their fries were killer, though! Also, I spent some of my childhood years in Leesburg, VA, not too far from where you grew up!

  4. i hear ya on the gourmet burgers. and that's so fun you spent time in va too!! i love that state. also - a 15 year hiatus from red meat?! that's dedication.


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