Thursday, May 26, 2011

on recent fashion choices.

alright readers, it's time to get real. it's time to judge my recent fashion decisions.
first, if you don't watch the office, i suggest you start. it will really enhance the internet friendship we have begun here. you see, there's one episode about performance reviews. angela is all excited about her review. she says that she was on the youth beauty pageant circuit while growing up and really enjoys being judged. and that's pretty much how this post is going to go. we're all going to get super excited and judge me.

it started with this sequin shirt. i recently went to nashville (also called nashvegas) and saw this on etsy. i thought it would embrace the "vegas" part of nashvegas, and it was pretty much irresistible for a sequin lover like myself. seriously, i am madly in love with sequins. some people find random pine needles from their christmas tree on their floor throughout the year. i find sequins. true story. so here it is - the shirt.
shirt: etsy. expression: priceless.
 what do we think? do i look like an old vegas showgirl who's seen better days? am i pulling off the "oh i live in new york and can get away with this shit" look? really readers, let me know. lay it on me thick. (that's kind of a disgusting phrase that makes me think of someone getting covered in peanut butter, but whatever. the shirt. judge please).

second up, are leather shorts. that's right. leather. shorts. i don't even know where these came from, but they were on sale, i envisioned them with a certain pair of heels (always my downfall) and the next thing i know - i own them. when i texted the boy to tell him i got leather shorts the response was "..." yeah, we were both skeptical. but once i got them in the mail i fell for them. hard. they're super soft and i can wear them in a million different ways. the boy approved too. so here is my winter version of leather shorts, which yes, i wore in may, because the northeast has sucked at spring this year.
shorts: UO. excuse the look on my face as i try to find the meaning of life in the corner i'm starting at.
so there you have it. judge away. be honest. should i keep wearing these items in public or should i go all great expectations on them and wear them in the comfort of my home.

honestly, it's time to change this blog's name to sequins and sugar. that literally sums me up in two words.


  1. I say keep the shorts and ditch the sequins :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Deal. Although I can't promise I won't wear it around the house.

  3. I actually love the top. It's not for everyday wear, but sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your life. I think it's cute! The shorts are fun if you can rock them. I know I would never wear them myself, but if you can pull if off, then go for it! I keep saying I want my style to be a little more 'interesting'... leather shorts would qualify for that!

  4. go for it erin! or maybe try on a pair, haha. i liked them with textured dark tights and a pair of heels because that way my legs didn't feel as exposed and let's face it, i don't have the legs of a teenager anymore. plus they were loose fitting. i think wool shorts could also work too for a winter outfit if leather isn't your thing.


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