Sunday, May 8, 2011

on toads.

i am back from my amazing weekend in nashville - i love the city, and being back with the friends i made there made was so special. the bride-to-be had some activities planned for us this past weekend, including a redneck comedy bus tour (yes, you read that correctly). in order to get into the spirit of things, we all decided to dress up. and that led me to finding this little number at beacon's closet, a huge vintage store in brooklyn.
this shirt has raised oh so many questions for me.
1. why is the toad sitting on a fire hydrant?
2. why does the toad's happiness incite a bowel movement for him?
3. if he's so happy, why does he look so unhappy?
4. what was the person on who came up with the concept for the t-shirt?
these questions, dear readers, are what are keeping me up at night. if you have any insight, i am all ears.


  1. So many good questions...probably no good answers. But I love it!

  2. Seriously, this cracks me up! There's got to be a story behind it? Or at least an acid trip.


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