Monday, May 16, 2011

on unique new york.

whenever someone comes into town, i always want to find a way to somehow impress them with nyc. that endeavor can be harder than you think when they're tired from the tourist crowds, annoyed at the high prices and disappointed with the bland restaurants that surround the big nyc destinations. i want to show them something that's off the beaten path and not found in a guide book. and so it was that we found ourselves at tacombi on saturday morning, a taco shop that's housed in an old garage space.
it's definitely not something you see everyday, much less in nyc.
the tacos were delicious, and i think our guest enjoyed getting away from all of the crowds. if you plan a trip to nyc, be sure to pop in and experience something a little different.


  1. I love odd, out of the way places like that! Any chance you've ever been to Omaha? I'm moving there next month and I'll be looking for hidden treasures like this. :)

  2. haven't heard of that one yet. i think i could live in nyc my whole life and never eat at EVERY restaurant. impossible.

  3. @ Alana - unfortunately, no! but if i hear anything i will definitely pass it along. i'm excited for your big move and wedding!

    @rebecca - yeah, its definitely impossible. if you go to the advanced search on the DOH's website for restaurant grades, you can see there are 14,000 (!) restaurants in manhattan and brooklyn, 9,000 in manhattan alone. it's just crazy.


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