Monday, May 2, 2011

on wine.

so, i love wine. love, love, love it. all the different kinds, how it can taste different when paired with food, the time and love that goes into making a good bottle - i think it's amazing. and if you've ever been taken aback with a sip of a really good wine, you know what i mean. so i was delighted when i was able to go wine tasting this weekend in the beautiful hudson valley.
vineyard in south africa. definitely not upstate new york.
while i've tried wineries in all different parts of new york (with varying degrees of success), this one has been my favorite so far. the tasting was fun and relaxed, and had we brought our lunch we could have used the nice picnic table they had set up outside.
sunset over a south african vineyard
now i know some people are afraid that wine tasting may be pretentious or stuffy. (although half the fun can be in saying ridiculous things like "oh yes, can you taste those tannins?" or "how about that scent of fresh cut grass in the wine, am i right?" obviously this is best done in a british accent with your nose slightly pointed in the air). however, every vineyard i've gone to has been laid back and casual, welcoming and eager to share their wine. and most importantly, the story of their wine. on my dream trip after graduation, my friend and i set out for south africa, including some days spent in their wine country. we drove up to a vineyard housed mostly in a little old building that the guide book recommended. it was there that an old man, with weathered hands that were missing a finger or two, walked us through the tasting of the wines. the wines he made. with his own hands. and has been making for years. it was just him and us, people from worlds apart that would have never collided, connecting for a few minutes over a mutual love in that small little building in south africa, before slipping back to our former lives. and it was just magic.

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