Friday, June 24, 2011

on the beaches of queens.

did you know they have beaches in queens? and brooklyn? well, they do. and it's the best this girl can afford. it's easy to forget that manhattan is an island. and that queens and brooklyn are the start of long island, meaning that they have beaches. not the north carolina beaches of my youth, but they will do.
so this begs the question peeps - are you a beach person or a mountain person? (it's kind of confusing how this question came about. how did we narrow it down to two types of places out of the many that are out there? it really makes very little sense. and yet here i am, asking the question anyway). i am most definitely a beach person. the sand. the sun. the ocean. the salt water. the beachy hair. i love it. ever since i was little girl i have loved going to the beach. (let's hope this beach in queens doesn't change those feelings). mountains are, for sure, without a doubt, not my jam. bugs. hikes (oh GOD don't get me started on the atrocity of hikes). poison ivy. i mean, have you seen deliverance?! no. no, no, no. mountains are not for me. now, living in tennessee i had a few weekends here and there in a mountain cabin. sure, the sunset was pretty. the air was fresh in the morning. the mist rising from the valley was inspiring. but the minute that sun was completely up? you can bet your sweet ass i made it down to the lake as quickly as possible. it may not exactly be the beach, but it's the closest you get in a landlocked state.
so - peeps? what is it for you - beaches or mountains?
i'll let you know how my beach day in queens goes. it should be a grand adventure.


  1. i try to be a mountain person denying it. i'm a beach girl.

  2. wow...i love the summer....beautiful it

  3. I love the beaches, but I live in the Mile High City, so I have to be a mountain girl!


  4. jenni - well, you've got a friend in me!

    vasu - thank you! i checked your jewelry out on etsy, you've got some gorgeous stuff.

    erin - lol, i knew you'd say that!

  5. I am definitely a beach person! But I married a mountain person so we are learning compromise :) For our honeymoon we did the beach, and we've been to the beach twice so far this we're going hiking for a week! ah I hope I survive!

  6. sherri lynn you are my hero - a week?! good thing you'll have a mountain there to help you along ;)

  7. Beach person for sure! I always used to go to Manhattan beach, but now I like to go to the Jersey shore. They tend to be cleaner (not by much!) and the boardwalks are always so much fun.


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