Friday, June 3, 2011

on day dates.

so usually one goes on dates at night. but on monday, i like to think i went on a day date. we started with breakfast at shake shack. the breakfast of champions. 
what? the lines are short in the morning!
after our nutritious and filling breakfast (perhaps better labeled brunch), we headed down to south street seaport to check out a new bar i read about. while i rarely go to the tourist mecca that is south street seaport, this sounded too good to be true.
sand? views of the brooklyn bridge? beer?!
well my friends, it wasn't.
shirt: lucky jeans. necklace: etsy. jeans: j. crew.
we made sure to show up when it opened since it sounded like a place that could get crowded. ask me to show up to a meeting on time and i will most likely be late. ask me to show up for an opening of a waterfront bar, and i promise you i'll be early.
we are completely smitten with this place. with the sand in between our toes, a breeze off the east river, and an umbrella shading us from the sun, i have never felt so far away from manhattan while being so close. i think we'll be back many times this summer, and i cannot recommend this place enough. it was truly a relaxing escape, and all we had to do was take the subway to get there.


  1. This bar looks incredible! What a great idea to have a little getaway from the city. So glad you found it and enjoyed it! :)

  2. I love the idea of a bar by the water, with sand & everything! The only beach bars here are pretty cheesy, and packed with 21 year old idiots from the burbs. I wish there was a chicago description for "bridge and tunnel", because those are the type of people that hang out at North Avenue Beach. Your bar, on the other hand, looks fun and laid back. Love it!

    Happy Friday!

  3. so gorgeous! what a find.

    and i love that you had burgers and fries for breakfast. being an adult is the best :)


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