Thursday, June 23, 2011

on familiarity.

new things are exciting. new restaurants. new stores. new cities. new loves. new apartments. there's so much possibility, new things to discover and so many new memories to be made. but everything new grows old. it always has. it always will. so if you can't appreciate the old and familiar, your life is going to be a tough row to hoe (not that i'm a farmer or anything, but from what i hear, some rows are indeed harder than others).
so i can't wait for friday night when my old man comes to town. we have a friday night tradition that's come about from traveling to see one another and getting in late on fridays. it involves pizza and a movie (if the boy comes here) or a criminal intent marathon (if i go there).
sidenote: do you watch criminal intent?
if not you should.
it's the bombdotcom.
we almost always get the same pizza. half black olive (for her) and half pepperoni (for him). we get it from the same pizza place here in nyc, and at the same pizza place up near him. it's nice. it's reliable. it's familiar. it's the farthest thing from new and exciting that you can get - it's the definition of a routine. as more time goes by and more routines are developed, you start to realize that there are many firsts you'll never have again. a first kiss. a first date. anticipation and excitement about what's around the corner. the sense of possibility in wondering if this could be something great. sometimes we fall into the familiar and fail to remember that we're past the possibility and actually a part of something great. and even if other firsts don't come quite as quickly and breathtaking as those in the beginning, there are many more waiting to happen. perhaps it's even better to say that those moments waiting to happen are more significant and meaningful firsts then those that came at the start. but as we wait for those to come along we have the familiar. and the familiar, well, it's not so bad. and i know i can't wait for my familiar friday night.


  1. Good thoughts. All of those little firsts are traded in for a familiar, secure every day.

  2. You are an amazing writer! These words are so true! Firsts are exciting, but there's something to be said about reliability and comfort.


  3. erin - you are too sweet, thank you! i'm glad you liked this post.

  4. Nice pizza! It looks even like a 4th of july edition))) we had a cake this year but now i know we could make a pizza! :-)

  5. You are such a great writer... just stumbled across this post in the "you might also like," and I'm so glad I did. I think developing an appreciation for familiar things says a lot about your appreciation for life in general.


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