Thursday, June 9, 2011

on a favorite movie.

i have many favorite movies, as i'm sure ya'll do, too. however, i do have a top five. and more importantly, within my top five i really do have a soft spot for one in particular. the godfather. (or, the godfather trilogy, which we can consider one movie. but you shouldn't let me get away with that. that's cheating.)
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i love this movie. and i mean l.o.v.e. in the words of ashlee simpson. in fact, i have developed a very precise method on how one should conduct a godfather marathon.
1. watch part I.
2. order chinese food for lunch.
3. watch part II.
4. eat homemade lasagna (thanks mom!)
5. watch part III.
6. eat cannolis.
7. discuss.
(i should patent this shit).
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i like most mob movies - perhaps it stems from my italian mother and the extremely memorable family reunion she took us to on long island as a little girl (two words: leopard print) - but this movie obviously sets the standard. and as summer begins and racing season draws even closer up in saratoga, i'm reminded of one of my favorite pictures i took last year. you see, saratoga is a horse town. and they find many ways to incorporate that into everything there, including cakes. so without further ado, please let me introduce...the horseheadcupcakecake (say that three times fast).
the boy and i got these for every summer birthday that occurred last summer, including mine, naturally.
we named him harry.
this cake, paired up with my love for the godfather, clearly led to this photo op.
my nails also look pretty great in this pic.
if you have seen the godfather, you get it.
so - what's your favorite movie?


  1. That cupcake cake looks delicious and so cute!


  2. I love your requirements for watching The Godfather. Hahah. I've actually never seen it before! Though I've been told by many that I absolutely need to.

  3. Don't get mad... but I haven't seen The Godfather yet!!! My favorite movies are chick flicks :)

    have a great day!

  4. haha - i won't! but now you have the perfect plan to watch it (and it's a delicious plan)! i do love chick flicks, too...what girl doesn't ;)

  5. Something else looks amazing in that pic besides your nails.

    ....and now I feel like a perv. :/ I blame it on the fact that I don't have much to speak of! haha


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