Wednesday, June 15, 2011

on inventive desserts.

one of the most innovative desserts i've ever had has been in this fair city. and with my sweet tooth, i'm always up for trying out a new dessert. behold: the toasted marshmellow milkshake.
it is crazy good people. cray.zee.good. and it tastes *exactly* like toasted marshmellows, which is quite a feat. shortly before i moved here i watched an episode of the "the best thing i ever ate" on the food network, and it happened to be one on desserts. the chef michael chiarello picked this dessert as his best...and then proceeded to drink three in a row. kind of disgusted by him. kind of in awe of him. but with a recommendation like that, i knew i'd have to try it once i moved to new york. naturally, i wasn't disappointed (to be fair though, i've only been disappointed by dessert once in my life. so i'm pretty hard to disappoint in that department).
the burgers and fries are pretty good at this place, too. but the next time you're in nyc and near union square, even if you don't want lunch or dinner, be sure to stop here and find some room in your stomach for it. this dessert is so unique and out of this world, you have to try it. maybe you'll even try three.


  1. Yum. I shouldn't have looked at this so close to lunch.

  2. What an interesting dessert! I would think it would be too sweet, but with such accolades I will someday have to try it! =]

    xx Melina

  3. wow looks amazing

  4. #1-I'm obsessed with that show! I got a few places from that show that I HAD to try when I was in NYC. So happy I got to them.
    #2-I don't doubt it was delicious! I was walking by the ice cream shop yesterday and I haven't been yet this year but I thought about a flavor I had last year-toasted marshmallow. Oh hello goodness! I don't know how they get the flavors so bang on.


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