Monday, June 13, 2011

on joy.

so today is the big reveal. as you probably figured out on friday, my good friend amy got engaged!!! i am so beyond thrilled for her.
please note the amazing new bling.
a few of us were in on the secret plans for six weeks! that is like, way too long to keep a secret from your best friend. but somehow, i did it. amy was under the impression that our other friend, o'neill, was coming to the city for work, but would fly out on friday to enjoy the weekend with us in nyc. o'neill works for a small start-up where it's not unusual for them to stay in nice hotels in exchange for the fact that aren't getting paid a lot, so o'neill said she was staying in the waldorf. and amy believed her. in actuality, amy's boyfriend was staying there - and when she knocked on "o'neill's" door, her boyfriend gave her the surprise of a lifetime. the following night a few of us had dinner with them to celebrate the big news.
pasta, prosecco, cupcakes, wine. it was the perfect celebration. amy is a very dear friend, and i know her love life has not always been rainbows, diamonds and fancy hotels. seeing her with someone that will care for her and love her forever, and knowing all she's been through, is so heart-warming. as i'm sure many of us feel about our friends, i think she's amazing and i think she deserves that. all in all, it was a pretty great weekend. but when you start off with a surprise like that, it's hard for it not to be.


  1. Congrats to Amy! Being engaged is so fun! :)

  2. YAY! COngratulation to Amy! Such a fun surprise!



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