Thursday, June 16, 2011

on running.

via here.
so running is my thing. and in that, i mean to say that's it's my chosen form of exercise (and not that i'm a great runner). i go to a few classes at the gym every week, but mostly you'll find me running. and tonight i was lucky enough to enjoy a run in central park as part of the jp morgan corporate challenge. i don't live near the park and i've never motivated myself to get there for a run, so i was excited. sure, a picnic here and there may take place, but i don't really take advantage of central park and all it has to offer. and it is literally amazing. beautiful. pretty. serene. you really do forget that you're in manhattan. i knew this from the few times i've been in the park, but my run tonight made me realize i need to get there more often. i saw a lot of things on the run that made me pause and appreciate the day. from the beautiful old trees to everyone walking their dogs to the little kids giving out high fives to the runners and everything in between. but nothing impressed me quite as much as this.
aimee mullins running. via here.

a runner flying past me with one prosthetic running foot. my mouth just dropped open. it was crazy to see in person (and may have caused me to speed up for a little bit. just a little, though). has anyone else seen this before? it completely blew me away. inspiring to say the least.
do you have a favorite exercise or way to get outside and enjoy the area you live in?


  1. I've always wanted to run in Central Park! I think I fool myself to think if I lived in NYC and could run there, then I would. Right now I prefer to just walk a few miles if I'm looking for exercise.

  2. @ sherri lynn - i know, i'm telling myself i gotta go more now! if you ever visit you should definitely go for a run or walk. it's such a cool place.

  3. wow. i've never seen a person running with a prosthesis before. i bet it was pretty inspiring. i love finding places that make you feel far from the city when you really aren't. hope you can make it there more often!

  4. I competed in a 5K open water swim last year in Lake Michigan and was passed by a man with only one arm. So inspiring.

  5. I bet running in Central Park is amazing. I run in my neighborhood here, but sometimes have to head over to the lake and Lincoln Park to get the ambiance of a real Chicago run. Do you ever run races? I try to do a 5k or two a year, and it helps keep me motivated. I'm running an 8k in mid July, which should be quite a challenge, especially if it's really hot!

  6. @ noodles and waffles - wow, that's crazy!!! seriously, these people are such inspirations to make me a better athlete.

    @ erin - i do run races, although i hadn't done one in awhile. my big one was a half marathon that i hope to repeat in the spring. it was unseasonably hot when i ran that so my advice is lots of water and take some of the salt packets they hand out. your body will sweat out allll of it's salt, and i know it sounds wierd, but you need to replenish it. i was covered in the salt that i had sweated out at the end. kind of wierd. and gross. good luck - you'll do awesome!

  7. That is very inspiring! Wow! Good for her or him!

    My exercise of choice is playing tennis! You can play a couple sets and you don't even realize how much exercise you are getting! It's awesome!


  8. adore this. so inspiring. thanks for another amazing post. would love if you stopped by to see my latest Fabulous Friday post, as well as my choice for Fash Fave and Fash Fail of the week. xoxo

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  9. Running is my chosen form of exercise, too. I mostly go in the woods, I love how loudly all the birds sing, you don't even need music!


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