Wednesday, June 29, 2011

on spain.

two years ago at this time i was discovering spain in the summer. after i graduated, my good friend whom i met on a study abroad program in college joined me on adventures around the globe. every place we went was amazing, but spain really blew me away. perhaps it was because we didn't expect much - you know, it was kind of like "yeah, spain, why not. i've heard good things". but oh. spain. it was glorious. as a city girl, it didn't take long for me to fall in love with madrid.
summer hair. curly. messy. undone.
i would run early in the mornings, as everyone was coming home from the clubs (it was spain!), in the perfect june weather and take it all in. the running was necessary after all the delicious food, and, yes, for a taste of home, mcdonald's ice cream.
many days were spent leisurely going around the city, shopping, viewing art, eating. the nights were perfect for the summer - long and wine-filled. the city easily let you slip into being part of it's everyday. i knew by the time we left madrid a long love affair with this country was starting.
we got 5 free limoncello shots at lunch. each. cuz that's how they lunch in spain. this ridiculous picture is the aftermath.
our next stop was granada, and it was there that i knew spain would always be at the top of my list. the alhambra is, quite simply, breathtaking. it's perfection and attention to detail knows no bounds. the hills and winding roads seem to never end, not that you would want them too. wandering around the city at night you may stumble onto a full-blown orchestra in the square, playing beloved theme songs from movies we all know and love. it literally seemed as if the city was magic. 
and after a long night, what better way to wake up than churros con chocolate?
i loved this part of the spain trip (barcelona i have conflicting feelings on, so we'll leave that out). i always think of going and recreating that trip every summer, which is not entirely possible.
looking out over granada from the alhambra.
but lord knows i'd try.


  1. This pictures are amazing! When I was little I always wanted to go to Europe, focusing mostly on France. But in the past few years I have heard SO many wonderful things about Spain! It sounds like such a great place to visit.

  2. These pictures look amazing! I think a third of my friends who study abroad go to Spain - must be glorious!

  3. Your pictures are fantastic! Spain is an amazing place, I feel like my whole body and mind just slowed down and relaxed there (did you also find it weird to be eating dinner at 10pm?) I've never been to Madrid or Granada but they are top of my list after seeing these pics!

  4. sherri and r. grace - thank you!

    meghan - that's why i think i loved it. you so easily fell into the relaxed way of living and truly felt like you were on a vacation (not easy to do in a city). and yes, it was so weird, although i loved it!

  5. I was the same as you before visiting Spain... didn't think much of it, but I had friends studying abroad there and wanted to visit them over the summer. I also loved it! So beautiful, such great food, and the pace of life is just so nice. And I kinda loved going out until all hours of the night, although I think I'm too old for that now :)

    The picture of you guys after the lunchtime shots is hilarious! I love vacations in Europe for that very reason. My sister and I did the Heineken tour in Amsterdam, and with all the free beer we emerged into the sunny afternoon feeling way more drunk than we meant to be! Man, I think I need to go do some drunken European traveling soon... lol!


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