Tuesday, June 7, 2011

on summer bar-be-que.

this past saturday was the boy's birthday, so we started it off how any birthday should start - a hearty breakfast of bar-be-que.
i suppose we were a bit cautious since this was a bar-be-que joint in upstate new york, but it had that lived in and well-loved feeling you can trust. seeing as how we met in tennessee, we might take our bar-be-que a little more serious than most, but luckily they won us over with an array of delicious sauces, including this one.
now, my favorite form of bar-be-que is ribs. i love ribs. however, i rarely order them, as they can make quite a mess and most people are turned off by someone covering their face in bar-be-que sauce. usually i go with the pulled pork to try to feign daintiness (unlike my exact and daintily spelling out of bar-be-que for this whole post).
pulled pork for the polite boy. ribs for his messy girlfriend.
luckily i happened to be with my one true love this time, and love means never having to say you're sorry for getting messy with your food. 
coffee wakes me up for work. diet coke wakes me up for my weekends.
and yes, that affirmation goes both ways in this relationship.
looks like someone gave up the polite act.
i highly recommend this place if you happen to be in the area. and don't worry about eating the ribs with vigor, they even have a nice little clean-up sink set up for messy guests like ourselves.


  1. I LOVE BBQ, having lived in Kansas City for a few years after college. I am all about pulled pork, personally, and can make it look almost as messy as the ribs after I pour sauce all over it! Also, I really like when you're settled into a relationship, and don't have to worry about things like eating in a lady like fashion. I'm not a complete pig around Joe, but I'm also not afraid to chow down with vigor :)

  2. We just had ribs with my family this past weekend, and I also try not to eat them because of the mess. I did eat a couple of bites and they were delicious!

  3. mmm I'm a ribs girl too! If you're ever down south, you HAVE to go to Dreamland! Best. Ribs. Ever.

  4. The blogsphere is hungry today, EVERYONE is posting about food, this looks so good!

    d e g a i n e


  5. haha it must be a hungry day! thank you for your recommendation alana - my best friend lives in huntsville so this is definitely on the list of things to hit up when i go see her. i'm so happy to see my readers love ribs as much as i do!


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