Friday, June 10, 2011

on surprises.

so. a big surprise happens today. like, big. and i am pumped about it. i mean, first, i've had to keep it a secret. and finally, tonight, the secret is revealed. and second, let's just say it involves diamonds, my best friend. and on monday i'll be able to share alllll the fun news with you. (and no, these diamonds would not be for me, because then it wouldn't be a surprise. so don't get too excited). however, this does lead me to the topic of surprises.
via here.
i love them.
like, i love them so hard. i think they are the best things ever.
however, i am also a master detective. and i love being a master detective, too. so while i love surprises, i expect you to hide them from me really well. for example (a shameful, shameful example), when i was ten, i found all of my christmas presents and unwrapped them to see what they were and then carefully wrapped them back up. i also showed the stash to my sister and encouraged her to look at a few.
sigh. i was like the eve to her adam.
naturally, what i thought was sneaky was actually not and my mom and dad quickly figured out that someone had unwrapped the gifts and tried to tape them back up. to say the least, i got in trouble. a lot of trouble. yet as an ardent lover of christmas (i still believe in the magic of santa, i will explain in december), i scolded my parents on their poor christmas performance. if they were taking the holiday seriously, they would have gone to greater lengths to hide all the gifts from me! a closet?!? i mean, why don't you just put them under the tree and call it a day!
shockingly, they did not buy this argument.
however, they did let me keep my discman*. so that was pretty sweet.
anyhoo, all this talk about surprises and christmas leads me to share with you guys my favorite surprise. it happened when i was in second grade. i woke up to...a bike under the christmas tree.
via here.
the quintessential childhood christmas gift. it came with a big red bow on it and everything. i hadn't specifically asked for a bike, so this was even a bigger surprise. i mean, who could ask for something so big and so grand?! so my joy and awe and gratefulness on that christmas morning knew no bounds. it's one of my few crystal clear memories from early childhood. i just fell head over heels for that bike. it was a huffy covered in neon leopard print, i kid you not. (those are the kind of bikes you get when your mom's an italian from long island). i'm sure that amazing christmas morning led to my love of surprises, and with good reason. it was one of the most magical days of my life.
so, my dear, dear readers, what has been one of your favorite surprises? i'd love to hear about it, especially since i am a surprise addict.

*lol, a discman?!?!?! those to used to exisit?!?!


  1. Ok, we might be the same person because A) I love surprises, B) I always peeked at my Christmas presents, and C) that first photo cracks me up.

    My favorite surprise was when Mike proposed to me in a UHaul. I knew the proposal was coming, but thought I had to wait a bit longer. It was perfect, even if I could barely say yes through my tears. :)

  2. I can't think of any good surprises right now, but I love that you're in on the fact that your bff is getting engaged. Sooooo fun!

  3. @ alana - what a sweet surprise! i love it. and i'm glad i have a partner in crime when it comes to christmas gift peeking!

    @ erin - i know. i. am. pumped. can't wait to tell the whole story on monday!

  4. SOMEONE's getting engaged! That is awesome!!!


  5. I love surprises too but I never want to find out what it is! As a kid, I always knew where my parents kept my gifts, but I NEVER snooped. I never wanted to ruin it! I'm still the same way :P

  6. @ bree - oh my gosh you are a saint! i could never have that self control!!

    @ erin - i know, i'm pumped. it's such a good story too!


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