Wednesday, June 8, 2011

on taking me out to the ball game.

seriously, what did we do before cell phones? and before cell phones with cameras? and before cell phones with cameras that could create cool effects?
mets game. in the year 2011. thanks cool effects camera.
one thing i love about living in nyc is how easy it is to get to a baseball game. hop on the 6 or the 7 subways lines and boom, there you are.
wearing my version of pinstripes because yes, i'm a yankees fan. boo. hiss. dress: h&m. belt: anthropologie.
i played softball growing up (catcher and third base, what what!), so while i have a soft spot for and knowledge of the game, i still think it is incredibly boring to watch on tv. but if i could i would go to a game every week since i enjoy watching it so much from the grandstands. maybe it's the hot dogs (maybe? definitely). maybe it's the beer. and maybe sometimes it's my company at the game.

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