Tuesday, June 21, 2011

on this or that.

pretty sure this would seal the deal.
so the past weekend i was down in north carolina with my friend, who happened to move there from nyc. and we couldn't help but talk about how different life is in cities outside of new york, particularly in the south, a place i have often felt a certain pull towards.
things are more affordable.
living spaces are bigger.
the air is cleaner.
there is a lot lacking in comparison to new york, of course, but i often feel i can get caught up in all of that. it's when you take a breather from it that you realize how much else there can be in different places, too (i mean, if a place has a nordstrom and a trader joe's then i'll be cool with it. because let's get real, those are all my requirements at the end of the day. even new york doesn't have a nordstrom). i feel constantly faced with the dilemma of staying or going. i mean, not an imminent dilemma. i know that new york is the place to be for myself and my career for the next few years. but i often think of trying to make my life easier here - essentially, more livable - and how hard that could be. when you get outside of the city you get a taste of how much else there is, and how it would be so easy to leave. or so i like to tell myself. perhaps that's always at the root of my and others' great love affair with new york. she doesn't make it easy. she doesn't make it cheap. she makes you work really, really hard to live a good life here. and i don't think i would ever say it wasn't worth it, and that every minute here wasn't worth the blood, sweat and tears it takes to keep that love alive. it's just that sometimes, sometimes, i feel that pull for the simpler life. the life with doors on bedrooms. the life with shared margaritas by the community pool.
and then i fly back home and a slow smile building on my face as the city skyline comes into view, and i remember that this place is my home. this majestic, wonderful, magical city is the place i call home and that, quite frankly, is more than enough for now.
do you ever feel caught up between two different places to live? two different regions? two different lifestyles that are options for you?


  1. Gah, I understand. Fluke and I did the Boston-NotBoston tango awhile back and ended up just, frankly, wanting space. I was also ready to body check the next person who accidentally slammed me with a briefcase or a backpack. Sometimes simple really is better and I love my porch and my grill like nobody's business, but I have my moments where I wish we lived in the center of it all, so enjoy everything while you're living it!

  2. I love that! You are such a great writer! I am constantly caught between the sunny and sweet South, and the cold but amazing mountain-life of Colorado!



  3. I sometimes feel the same dilemma, but think we're going to try our hardest to stay in the city for good. I really love the idea of raising my kids in this environment. I know it won't be the easiest, but I feel like there is so much more life in the city. If we ever do move, it'll be anywhere other than bland suburbs... maybe a busy college town (like Madison, WI), or to a neighborhood right outside of a city (Evanston, IL), or even to a smaller city, where we could do a city-like lifestyle for less money than Chicago. But I think the only thing that will really make us leave is either a job transfer, which could be a really good thing, or if we can't do good enough schools for our kids in the city. For now, though, I'll visit the quiet, cute towns, and enjoy the busy city the rest of the time :)

    Also, no Nordies in NYC?!?!? I guess it's more of a West coast thing? Bloomingdales is a good store, but for me nothing beats Nordstroms!

  4. First of all, I really want this house!! And this was a great post. I totally know what you're saying. I've lived in China and I LOVE the hustle and bustle of big Asian cities, the chaos of everyone yelling in Chinese, etc. I feel totally at home there and miss it when I'm not there, but then I come to good ol' Southern USA and I feel at home there too. I kind of like having two "homes"... it's nice.

  5. @ erin - i know. i love bloomie's too, but nothing beats nordstrom! we have a nordstrom rack, but still, it's not the same. i'm with you on living in cities - if i ever move it will just be to a smaller more manageable city like d.c. or nashville. i would love to stay here, and for all i know i will. but yesterday the wall street journal did an article on how some elementary schools now cost $40K a year in nyc. i'm not near having kids any time soon, but yikes.

    @ sherri lynn - that's so cool you got to live in asia for a long period of time. i think that's a good way to think of it - as having two homes. i should do that from now on :)

  6. Totally know where you are coming from. I am originally from a tiny South Africa beach town so I constantly feel like I have lost that sense of 'normality' living in the city (London). I also look at my friends at home who are getting by just fine and wonder why I don't just go home! But saying that, the city gives you so many more opportunities to expand your horizons and focus on your career. I think the laid-back life will come to us when we are ready! Lecture over (P.S - in love with that house in the first pic)!

  7. meghan - i totally agree. i couldn't imagine being somewhere else right now, and the opportunities here are amazing. p.s. i love south africa! hands down the most beautiful country i have ever been to. it must have been amazing growing up there.


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