Thursday, July 14, 2011

on accidents.

so today's post was going to be deep. verrrrrrrrrrrry deep. like something i struggled with in the sense of - should write about this? should i make this a thing? a post? and i said, after a few weeks - yes i would. and so last night night was going to be the night i wrote it. and then i met up with a friend for dinner and a *glass* of sauvignon blanc. you guess what happened. (remember the post where i accidentally stayed out to 1 am? same culprit).
who knows where i found this. but it speaks volumes.
true story - i love big glasses with very thin stems. i basically ordered a version of the glass on the right from target one time. it was half the size of my head. shockingly, it did not fit in my new york city kitchen cabinets, which i'm pretty sure are modeled off of the seven dwarfs' kitchen. and back to the store they went.

so, i don't have much to share. but tell me. do you have something to share?


  1. I laughed at the seven dwarves' kitchen cabinets! Looking forward to that deep post, whenever you get around to doing it!

  2. I love big wine glasses, but don't actually own any. One day I'm going to break down and get some cheap, huge ones from TJ Maxx, to satisfy my urge without caring if they break.

    Nothing interesting to share... just got back from California last night, and I'm missing the beach already. Today is my recovery day, and I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow!

  3. this really made me crave wine. that's all I have to share.

  4. sherri - haha, thank you! it's seriously how i feel though!

    erin - i kind of wish i had kept them. and they were from target, so not too expensive. they were such the bombdotcom. everyone should own huge wineglasses!

  5. I spend too much time thinking about wine glasses? Not really something to share, though. I love the big ones too...I'll keep my cabinets in mind, though.


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