Friday, July 15, 2011

on an award.

so. i was given this award by truffles n' ruffles a bit ago, and now it's time to honor it and pass it on. (and a huge thank you to erin for giving me it - go visit her blog today, you won't be sorry you did). so without further ado, let's get to know ten random things about me.
1. the only place i've lived abroad is denmark.
2. my favorite thing to buy, hands down, are shoes.
3. when i was a junior in college i got into a shipwreck, was washed overboard and rescued by the coast guard. it's a good story. kind of scary. i should probably tell it to you one day.
4. the only language i know is english. kind of a bummer.
5. i have an older sister.
6. i am definitely a morning person. i like that i have to be at work at 7 AM, because the city that early in the morning feels like it only belongs to me and no one else.
7. i used to work an insane job with insane hours. as an intern, i worked 72 hours in a row. within those 72 hours i slept for about 20 - 40 minutes each day. it's one of my greatest and worst accomplishments.
8. if i could be a teacher, i would teach chemistry, my favorite subject.
9. after i as born, on my third day home from the hospital, i slept through the night. my mom made my dad go into my room and put a mirror under my nose to see if i was breathing or if i had died, because she couldn't bear finding it out herself. i wasn't dead, just lazy, fat, and sleepy. not too different today.
10. i didn't walk until i was two years old, and was brought to tons of neurologists to figure out if i had cerebral palsy. again, the verdict was that i was lazy, fat, and sleepy. at least i'm consistent.

and there you have it! i pass this award along to those blogs listed to your left. i updated the list last night to reflect the smaller blogs i follow and those i'd love for you to discover, too. thanks for stopping by and have a grrrrrreat weekend!


  1. Aww Colleen! I'm so honored! You seriously made my day.

    And a shipwreck! TELL US THE STORY OR ELSE.

    I say that with love.

  2. Thanks Colleen!! And YES Please tell us the shipwreck story! That's the most intriguing thing I've heard all week!!


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