Tuesday, July 26, 2011

on being a hostess.

so the shower went really well and, again, thank you all so much for your comments. i didn't get tons of pictures since i was running around making sure everything was getting done, but i did get one important picture - the cupcakes!
and i of course have to thank my co-host. since my family has moved away from northern virginia she and her mom opened up their home as the party venue, which i can't thank her enough for doing. she also discovered these margaritas, which involve both tequila and champagne. who knew it was possible to improve a margarita?!
and since i got a few questions about it, but they didn't really show up in any pictures taken at the party, my fruit high heels!
i love these shoes so much - i don't get to wear them a lot since they only really work during the summer season (or you know, winter trips to the bahamas - i'm sure i'll go on those one day) - and found them in a random vintage store in philly back during my college days. and on top of all of this fun goodness, i got to go home and see friends who i don't get to see often enough, including the bride from back in march (and her hilarious husband).
that's always the best part of going home again. i hope ya'll had wonderful weekends, too!


  1. Fabulous shoes! I've never seen a pair like it. It looks like you ladies had a wonderful time! And a party ain't a party without cocktails (that's what I say, anyway).

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Planning a shower can be stressful, but its such a thoughtful thing to do for a friend. I love the 'I do' toppers on the cupcakes!

    Also, those shoes are too fun. Hold onto them, for extra motivation to get an island vacation one winter :)

  3. Those cupcakes are so cute with those little "I Do" toppers! Looks like the party was a success! And your shoes are adorable! What a fun piece to have in your closet.

  4. Adorable cupcakes!! ooooHH champagne AND tequila margaritas sound pretty interesting!..but good!! Such cute pictures and great heels!

  5. Looks like a fantastic weekend. The cupcakes look fantastic. I love those shoes. Nice find.


  6. you look lovely! Beautiful cupcakes btw.

  7. Those cupcakes look delicious! And I'll have to try that margarita!


  8. oh my gosh you guys are too sweet - thank you!

    erin - yes, i will use them a motivation for a beach vacation!

  9. Ok, those shoes are ADORABLE. Glad the shower was a success!


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