Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on secret spices.

do you have a spice that really cooks your goose?
sidenote: is there a better phrase than that?
no.  no, there's  not.
well i do. it is cinnamon.
via here.
it is literally magical. my favorite salmon recipe that ya'll ogled over? cinnamon.  my favorite winter-time pasta recipe? cinnamon. my summer pasta recipe? it might need cinnamon. in the past few years that i've discovered it's magic in savory recipes. it adds a slight complexity, in the way that only a spicy, sweet, and savory spice can. to be honest, sometimes i miss it in recipes. i need it. i want it. i craaaaaave it. (i may have a problem).

does anyone else out there have a secret spice they feel is the bombdotcom (as we prefer to call awesome things on this blog)? or share my love for cinnamon? i truly felt like cinnamon used in cooking was a secret kept from me for a long, long time. and if not, apparently i'm a culinary genius for discovering it, at least according to my taste-buds. so if there's something i'm missing out on i'd love to hear about it sooner, rather than later.


  1. I think for me it's smoked paprika... I tend to put it in more dishes than I should! But it's spicy and smokey, and adds such depth to most of the stuff I cook. Although not desserts. Cinnamon is more universal for savory AND sweet :)

  2. i love cinnamon also, but i add dill to a lot of my food :)

  3. I totally agree on the magic of cinnamon in savory dishes. I have a salmon dish that I make on occasion, and I was surprised by the inclusion of cinnamon in the recipe. But it does add a complexity to the flavor that would be missing without it.

    I add garlic, shallots, and leeks to everything that I can. I love the flavor.


  4. ok I feel like I'm super boring in my cooking because I don't have a secret spice! I need one! I do use an insane amount of freshly ground pepper because I LOVE it and barely any salt because I don't like it. but those are pretty basic. I'm on the hunt for a secret spice. or maybe I'll just use cinnamon, too!

  5. definitely make it cinnamon sherri! you won't regret it. thank you everyone for sharing your secret spice...can't wait to use them!

  6. cinnamon is absolutely fantastic.

    Also paprika, I had no idea it could be used to actual like flavour things? For some reason for a really long time I thought it was just used to bring colour to the top of a casserole or something. I am a convert for serious.

  7. I have obviously undervalued cinnamon!


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