Monday, July 11, 2011

on a day date.

we had a pretty low-key weekend. no plans, no reservations, no parties. our biggest plan was to make pulled pork (a huge success, thanks to sherri at life of a wife and her easy recipe - check it out!) other than that we watched some television, ate some pizza, sat on a friend's porch and enjoyed some wine, but my favorite part was going on a lunch date for a hot dog at my insistence.
and what made it awesome was cooking the hot dogs in a smoker. soooooo. freakin'. good.
that's a lot of meat. that's what she said.
it's pretty fun to have day where you don't do much of anything at all. and delicious, too.


  1. whoa. that IS a lot of meat.

  2. I'm glad you liked the pulled pork! :) We love when we have a weekend with nothing to do! It's nice to have trips and plans but we also love just being together and now having to do anything sometimes!

  3. I do believe that everything tastes just a little bit better in a smoker. Yum!


  4. oh fun! Sounds like a great weekend and that hotdog looks delish!


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